Alice Cooper – School’s Out

So, first off, I’d like apologise for the weeks of inactivity from any of the team here. I blame myself, since I was the only one posting regularly anymore. Not a lot we can do about that. Everyone’s been busy as hell.

I’m carrying on where I left off, with the aptly timed School’s Out, by Alice Cooper. Aptly timed, because school is about to start again, over here in the UK. Now, on to the review…

School’s Out is one of those songs that everyone sort of knows the lyrics to, even if they don’t actually know the lyrics. We all know the chorus. You asked anyone over the age of, say, 12, and they know the chorus, thanks to all the adverts and games and ‘retro’ music channels.

That’s not a bad thing, of course. I like that the older music is getting known by the younger generation. I insisted upon my sisters playing Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, for two reasons. First, it improves hand dexterity. Look at me. I can play any song on medium, with a 95% accuracy, and here I am being an expert review typer. See? It pays off.

Second, they get to experience songs from WAY before their time. They particularly like Eric Johnson’s Cliffs Of Dover, which I will review in my next series of instrumentals.

So, to the review…

School’s Out has a very amateurish feel to it. It rhymes, as you’ll have guessed, but the rhymes are clumsy. Very clumsy, in my opinion. Not the worst rhymes, trust me, but a lot worse than a popular song should have.

The vocals are actually okay. The sort of rough sounding voice mixes well with the guitar, drums and theme, to create a sort of medley of older student watching over younger student and reveling in finally being able to escape the hell that is known as secondary school…

As you can see, I didn’t enjoy secondary school, although, I did enjoy being a prefect. I got to stand inside when it was raining…

I don’t like two very big parts of the song. The kids singing, just add a sort of creep factor to it, and the bell at the end is very annoying. I don’t know why, but I just… It just riles me. A lot.

I like the drums the most. Reminds me of Dr Who. Listen. You’ll see why.

So, what would I score it? The kids put me off too much. I’m sorry Mr Cooper, but it’s not looking too good for you…


That Guy

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