Amy Winehouse – Valerie

Back in 2007, Amy Winehouse released a version of the Zutons song, Valerie. This is my review of that song.

I’ll be honest here – I don’t like Amy Winehouse. I really don’t. I always saw her as a bit of a smack-head, and even if it wasn’t involved in her death, there’s no denying that her drug use was a terrible thing. In my eyes, she shouldn’t be anyone’s role model, but sadly, she is. I prefer the Zuton version of this song. There’s no denying that Amy can sing, I just don’t think she’s as good as people think she is.

That all said, I’m going to treat this song as if I’ve never heard of her before now. I’m not going to look her up, I’m not going to let what I do know have an impact on the score and regardless of what anyone replies to this review with, I will not remove my opinion of the woman herself.

Now, to the review.

The lyrics are pretty good. I know she didn’t write them, but she has a sort of flair to singing them. Probably the wrong word, but I’m gonna roll with it. She plays for the microphone. You can hear it in her voice. She’s not singing. She’s vocally dancing, and even if she is trying to tango, she’s waltzing instead.

She even sounds as if she’s moving around a stage, so you know… Literal dancing?

The music in the background, done by Mark Ronson, is pretty good too. The trumpet (?) doing it’s little “ba-ba-bada-ba” is catchy, and the drums are a great pace-setter for any karaoke version. It’s a catchy tune. There’s no denying it. You could tap away to this for hours, but for one thing.

She sounds too whiny to me. She’s whining. “He’s making a joke… Amy Whinehouse…” No. I’m not. Seriously. She sounds too whiny to me. I don’t even see it as a whiny song, but somehow, she sounds, again, whiny. I don’t know how, I really don’t know how, but she does.

What can I score it? I don’t hate it. The music saves it a lot though… I mean, like, 80% of this score is thanks to the music…


That Guy

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