Beach Boys – Kokomo

Yes. I saw the How I Met Your Mother episode, where we see a Barney/Ted telepathic conversation, and this is what Barney is thinking of. It’s a great section. I’ll link it up in the review…

So yeah, I had this on, with subtitles, luckily, looked up the song, had a listen, and fell in love with it. I dunno why, but I did. It’s practically an advert for the islands involved…

The drum is simple, and repeated, a nice little rhythm to remember, whilst the voice, although a bit higher pitch than I’d have it, is neat. It’s exactly what it needs to be, all the time. It’s right, if a little high, and nothing can change just how right it is. I mean, look at it. LOOK AT IT!

It’s a song about going on holiday. What more could you want?

The sort of steel drum section adds a sense of holiday to it, and I love it. I don’t know why. I just do.

And it’s SOOOOO Barney. It is. It’s exactly what he’d like in a song. I wish I was Barney… he’s so cool. That reminds me. How I Met Your Mother is on in 4 minutes… Must dash…

Final score?


That Guy

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