DayZ review

I’ve only been back on the site less than a day and already a special request. Lucky me, I’ve got such a loyal fan base, you know who you are subscriber. I’m not saying your name so as to avoid anything embarrassing, but you know who you are….. Anyway, DayZ

DayZ is an old online computer game. It’s still an Alpha based on a zombie outbreak in Russia that has left everyone but the player, other players and the occasional bandit turned. There is evidence of a military attempt to prevent the spread, and by evidence i mean army trucks and cars and zombies in uniform. Good thing there not smart enough to work out how to use the guns there carrying.

So why is this game suddenly so popular. Honestly, i don’t much about how it came to peoples attention. Probably some retro gamer who actually found a diamond in the ruff for once, but i do know why it’s popular now its been found. It’s realistic.

I don’t men like the zombie are really rotting or the graphics are really defined. Quite the opposite. Most of the buildings you cant enter, the cars and motorbikes that work are few and far between, which if you think about how many cars would be abandoned with keys and gas remaining inside, is quite unrealistic. Also the graphics are shit; the zombies lag and glitch so much. They always seem to run at a right angle to you before turning to attack like there box eyed, and they VERY often die a few seconds (like 2-3) after you shoot them. When you shoot them and there still chasing you, let me tell you, it feels like a terror full eternity!

No, it’s realistic because its honest to how weak and fragile humans are. On this game, you get hungry, but not only that, you get hungry in an honest amount of time (half a day ish) and you can die of starvation! You can lose blood, and your gun goes shaky when your in pain, which you need pain killers or A LOT of time to cure. You can go into shock, which can kill you. I think you can even get cold forcing you to take shelter.

This game makes us come to terms with the fragility we all must endure day in day out, in the event of a zombie outbreak. This honesty, as far as i know is unmatched by any other game (feel free to tell me other wise in the comments as i enjoyed playing this game and would like to know of others like it). It even makes us face ourselves in what the game dares us to do. You start with only a revolver with six shots, a combat knife for cutting cows into edible size pieces. By the way, you can’t eat the meat until you’ve cooked it over a fire made from wood cut from a tree with an ax that you also start with; thank (insert deity).

I went of topic then, back to what the game dares us to do. The stuff you want, ammo, food, water, guns, is in towns and cities, where there are more zombies (yes there are some zombies just in the middle of fields) so you must face this to get your stuff, and if you get injured by a zombie, you start loseing blood which blurs your vision due to shock, so you have go to a hospital, usually in the middle of a city, while injured, to get bandages and a blood pack! You see what i mean, this game is so realistic, its scary.

I thought before i played this, in a real zombie Apocalypse, i would survive. A little way into playing this i doubted that, and when i came across the body of a dead player, a player who once been very alive and had died in the same spot i was in… it freaked me out a little. Once i had died after 15 mins of play, because i was making a little too much noise in a built up area attracting the attention of a zombie on the other side of the fence to me, i truly understood, survival in a zombie apocalypse, is near impossible.

Back to the game, the controls are to many and the names of places are all in Russian, which just doesn’t help trying to learn your bit of the huge sandbox map. Rare stuff can help you differentiate between the better and worst players, but really some just kill other players for there stuff or get lucky and really, anyone could go at any time if they make a mistake.

Don’t get me wrong. This game may be challenging, and if you get serious about surviving, boarders impossible. But, i really did enjoy playing it, despite it user unfriendly interface and complex command codes and combinations. If it wasn’t an alpha still being tested, i would hate this game, but as it doesn’t yet take itself too seriously, it still puts a smie on my face, so…


Half way there. Games there, control interface isn’t.

That Other Guy

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