Hello again

I’m back, miss me?

First of all (as always with me), you may have noticed a slight thinning on the volume of reviews I’ve done recently….

OK, none.  I have been away from the website for, um, pretty much all of the Summer. Reason, well its as simple as, i got popular. Since the closing ceremony of the Olympics till today, i haven’t had two consecutive nights of doing nothing. Its true! I’ve been, to mention a few things:

  • Seeing old friends i haven’t seen in years, some since Primary school!
  • Keeping up to date (ish) with current friends- I say (ish) cause i havn’t even found time to go on fb more than three or four times, and in just as many weeks, i must have been busy.
  • Paying in a football tournament with work mates and….
  • I was the official recorder of Browns Miss wet T-shirt contest 2012!

and that’s not including any of the many party’s i went to before mates go off to uni or back to there army base etc…. I have many varied friends.

I’m not sorry for this absence as i thoroughly enjoyed it, but now i’m back and i vow to review again!

So, reviewing soon.

That Other Guy

3 thoughts on “Hello again

  1. Where, er… Where can I get a copy of the recording of the wet t-shirt contest? Oh, and, since you’re here, welcome back!


  2. I’m still in the process of trying to get a copy myself actually. The DJ Chris (whom i recorded it for) is really taking his time editing them….
    I mean REALLY taking his time 😉
    I’ll see what i can do, and thanks for the welcome


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