Well, i guess i’m the boss

Just a moment please….


I know its only for a week (less than that really as a week is seven days), and, belive me, i have no intention of trying to take on the titanic-ish task That Guy has of actually running this website permanently, but (insert deity) this feels good!

I won’t make any changes. I’ll leave everything as it is, because That Guy is putting his trust in me. He knows i’m thinking right now of changing the background to a retro themed popping candy pink… but i won’t. I respect That Guys decision to trust me, and i actually like the website how it is so, there’s no point really…. So why is it still so tempting?

Anyway, as the Steward of That Guy That Reviews Stuff (not like the crazy Steward of Gondor) I am happy to take my seat upon the throne that normally cradles That Guys large behind (not fat! Just large) and grin with delight…. For two full days…. It’s my website :)…. :D….. XD….. (insert evil laugh) 😉

That Other Guy

19 thoughts on “Well, i guess i’m the boss

  1. YOU, SHALL NOT- no you know what, it doesn’t fit here. I can’t think of anything; you win That Guy the White.


  2. OK then mister, who does Sam refer to in ROTK when he kills the third ork on the stairs assending to the top of Mordors eastern watch tower where he saves Frodo?


  3. Dam you…. i would type in Elven at this point but the option is unavailable…
    Ok, one more question. Awnser this, i never doubt your knowledge on LOTR again.
    What is the name of the old kingdom from which the witches use to reside in?


      1. Fine, you win, and FYI, the witchKing was the king of the old kingdom of Angmar that fell apart under his reign as a puppet of Sauron (Oh i hope i spelt his name right).


      2. Hey, Witches and Witchking were the only link I had. Don’t try and expand on my half-hearted knowledge when my half-hearted knowledge gives me correct answers… Jeez… 😛


  4. Ok, ok, i only know because i love any refrence to magic in anything. The lost sea of stones, Isenguard, Gandelf, Elven. Anyway, well done 🙂


    1. Oh, Magic is great, I just wish that there was a bit more of it in the real world. I miss good films about magic and stuff… Thank you, and sorry I got a bit touchy there.


  5. That’s all right mate; and i agree, a bit more magic in the real world would liven it up a bit. As for films about magic, for me, non beat “The color of magic” based on the novel by Terry Pratchett. Also his other novel come movies going postal and the Hog-farther (I know you like that one) 🙂

    ah, i miss them kinda movies too.


  6. Color of magic just pips it for me. When Rincewind is trying to ride away with the tourists gold and gets shot by the tower guard, and all you hear is “ow, bugger it”. I lol every time.


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