Meet the Robinson’s

Yes, i know it’s a movie for 7-11 year old’s, but i’m reviewing it. Why, you may ask? Why is actually what i’m asking myself right now… but the point is, i just watched it because my 16… no, you read it right… 16 year old sister put it on and i was too tired to change Chanel. So, i watched it, and here’s what i thought.

Well, it may be full of descriptive colors and the wishful dreams of a twelve year old, but i liked it. Now here’s where you would expect me to go into a detailed analysis of the movie, but i can’t, simply because there’s nothing more to this movie than a wacky family, time travel, inventing, bowler hats and bad hair days… oh, and mafia frogs. I can only tell you what i thought of the movie so, and here’s something i haven’t had to use in a while….


So, it’s all about a kid named Willber who want’s to be an inventor, because he’s already very good at it by the age of twelve actually inventing a brain scanner that portrays lost memories. The first invention of his to work and not explode, this is a real success and leads us into the story. One of his future inventions, the “helping hat” or Doris, as she was named, turned evil and escaped from Willber and met up with future Gube. Now, stay with me here. Gube was Willber’s old room mate at the orphanage but he has become a villain since then because he was kept up all night by Willber inventing his brain scanner, meaning he fell asleep in a little league championship, missing what would have been the winning catch and he never let it go, ruining his life; so he blames Willber.

He and Doris decided to work together, steal a time machine and go back to Willber’s first working invention, the brain scanner, to ruin his future. Only Doris doesn’t just want to ruin his future, but ruin everyone’s as she has the power to make her wearer do as she wishes like a zombie. So she somehow manages to make, or get other to make more of her and then she goes about enslaving the human race and taking over the world, while betraying Grub in the process. As Grub would say, “easy peasy, rice and cheesy”.

Having established the back story (i know, long isn’t it), the story goes that Willber’s son comes back in time with one of the two existing time machines to save the time continuum, Willber doesn’t believe a word his son says, so his son takes him to the future to prove his point. But, Willber want’s to go back in time and see when his mum abandoned him as a child, and a fight ensues that breaks the time machine. Willber is told by his son to fix it but gets lost and meets the Robinson family, and after that the Robinson’s offer to adopt him and he says yes….

It’s at this point his son finally decides to come clean that the boy is Willber Robinson, his father to be. This is the first Willber hears of it as well. With everyone thoroughly upset by this news, Willber runs away with Grub and Doris who say they will take him to see his mother if he fixes the brain scanner (cause they accidentally broke it) and tells them how to turn it on. yeh, i know….. this wasn’t thought through.

Anyway, Willber’s son saves him from Grub but he still had the brain scanner and time machine so he goes back in time and changes the future. Doris has here little world revolution, and Willber finds himself in a very dark future ruled by Doris. So, in an act of daring do, he quickly, and i mean F1 pit stop style quickly, fixes the time machine, that he couldn’t fix before…. strange that, ain’t it, and he flys to the past and tells Doris he will never invent her. This makes her disintegrate and he shows Grub how Doris would have betrayed him. And that’s the last we see of adult villain Grub.

This is now the end of the movie. Willber meets his adult self and then his son honors his deal to take him back in time to see his mum. He decides to let her dump him at the orphanage so his future can be what he saw, cause that’s what he wants. He wins the science fair and he lives happily ever after.

The only bit i really liked was how dark an entity they made Doris. Any evil, even that as simple minded as Grub’s stands out in this bubbly movie, but Doris is deceptive, she betrays Grub, though i don’t blame her for that. She’s a threatening and imposing animation, for a bowler hat. The only other bit i liked was the frogs, but they were an extra in the movie and only had two gags, and i only found one of them funny. Still, i was really funny, in a morbid kinda way.

So, what did i think. This movie is far too optimistic and colorful. I feel like it should be a ride at Disneyland and not a movie! It’s also just far far to insane. I like a funny randomness to me movies, eg: Airplane, but i don’t appreciate it every five seconds and to such an extent that it actually takes up a good third of the movie.

Funny for funnys sake, or random for randoms sake, is just not funny.


That other Guy

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