Jessie J- Who you are

This is, to my knowledge, Jessie’s most recent CD and i have decided to review it as i bought it cause i like Jessie J’s work and her genuine personality and absolutely amazing talent. No auto voice for this girl, and if you don’t believe me, listen to her sing “Big white room” live. Anyway, the CD…

Well, i was a little cheesed off from the word go. Her first song, of all the songs she could pick, it had to be PRICE TAG featuring B.o.B. A great song, don’t get me wrong, but i payed £14.99 for this CD! £14.99! Either music has got a lot more expensive without me realizing, or i’m being ripped off. Hold on…£14.99 divided… 13 songs… that’s £1.15 a song! I would have got this for £12.87 in I-tunes. I get ripped off and then her first song is about not caring about the money, the money i spent. Basically, she robbed me blind and then threw my money away laughing at me, cause she don’t care as long as people like her songs. What a Bitch!

But then, she apologies with NOBODY’S PERFECT. A truly apologetic song with a good clear message. Sorry, i fucked up, but we all do it from time to time cause nobody’s perfect, so please forgive me. At least, this is what i’m told the message is, but it always comes across to me as: Sorry, i fucked up, but everyone does cause nobody’s perfect, so on that basis, really, you have no reason not to forgive me. Sounds very bitchy when put that way doesn’t it. Well, i’m sorry Jessie, but i don’t forgive you for ripping me off, then laughing in my face about it.

At this point, we hit ABRACADABRA. This is, in my opinion, the closest Jessie’s got to a dance song. I’m not including DOMINO simply because it’s, to my utter displeasure, not on this CD. Anyway, this song has a slower beat than the other two but great vocals and lyrics. Also, it’s one of her better known songs which she may have put with the other two near the top to stop people stopping the CD earlier and gives them time with more familiar songs to settle down and just listen to her music.

Then we hit the live recording of one of Jessie’s best sung songs BIG WHITE ROOM. I love this song, it has such beautiful lyrics and she sings it so well. There’s little focus on the music, it’s almost a background thing really, as she masterfully sings her song with all the passion and skill it demands and deserves. It is purely magical. It’s position in the CD is near the top again, i think as one of her better songs, which may be a mistake as i may be inclined to zone out later, or stop listening at all if i get a few less familiar or not as good songs.

Well, that’s exactly what happens, as BIG WHITE ROOM is followed by two less well known songs CASUALTY OF LOVE and RAINBOW. It was here where i admit, i did zone out, but the fact i did so shows bad planning of the CD. If this had been an album with the song WHO YOU ARE giving it’s name to the album bringing up the rear on side B, then this would be the whole of side A and i would be saying, hum, four out of six meant to be popular songs actually popular, not bad, but as a continues CD, either i’m not a big enough fan or this just wasn’t well planned.

At this point, having just zoned back in and realizing i haven’t really been listening for the past two songs, i return to my ripped off feeling, but am instantly snapped back from it by WHO’S LAUGHING NOW; a song i very much relate to. I love this song and it’s lyrics, and for it’s position smack in the middle of the CD, i can forgive the planning of the previous two songs. My mood only gets better when this punchy song is followed by the knock out song DO IT LIKE A DOOD, which i sing along to, even though i’m a dood.

Having restored my faith in this CD, Jessie next gives me MAMA KNOWS BEST, a song straight from her heart, and it’s here now, more than half way through the CD, that i start to understand the message of the title, who you are. In each song so far, except for maybe ABRACADABRA, she has put across a little piece of herself. Whether it be how in touch with her masculine side she is (DO IT LIKE A DOOD) or how how sometimes she can feel like she’s breaking down (BIG WHITE ROOM), but each song has shown me a little of her.

With this revaluation, i find myself listening to the next three songs L.O.V.E, STAND UP and I NEED THIS intently, trying to piece together the parts of her in these songs with what I’ve already heard to make the picture Jessie is trying to put to me in this CD. In all her songs up to this point, i think deeply about them, reading the lyrics to them in the CD book and finding there meanings, and slowly, in order, piecing together the person who is Jessie J.

Finally, as i think i have who she is, WHO YOU ARE comes on and it all makes sense. It doesn’t matter who Jessie J is; I’ve just got to be true to who i am, as the title is not Who Jessie J is, but Who you are. The cleverness of using a title unique to everyone as it describes everyone in three simple words; it’s genius. I love the message of this CD and i love Jessie J and her music.

It was then i realized Jessie had truly conned me as she had me spending the whole CD working out who she was, only to be told i’m the one who mattered… but i didn’t care because it made me feel, if even for a few hours, like i really did matter a great deal, and that elated feeling was defiantly worth £14.99. I also know i liked it, cause i can’t stop to listening it. I love it.


That Other Guy

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