The end of days

A quick one, as i’m ill in bed. I couldn’t help but notice the ominous loom of the end of days, as can be seen by our countdown clock to the right. Maybe, it’s about time i started preparing, not because i believe in it, which i don’t, but just in-case, because surly, that’s just good sense.

11 thoughts on “The end of days

  1. It is indeed. 2 months to go and counting. I can wait. I don’t wanna be too worried about it. I know EXACTLY where I’ll be though. Cuddling up on the sofa with my beautiful girlfriend, watching a film, almost definitely. I can’t wait, nor think of a better way to leave this world. Well… Maybe being squashed by a whale which popped into existence alongside a bowl of petunias, but that’s just nit-picking…


  2. I want to go out sipping a vintage Merlot, a book of poetry in my hand, sitting on my chair the living room, staring at the open fire…. With Bon Jovi “Living on a prayer” in the background and the game Dishonored on pause on my X-box.


    1. I just wanna find a good film and relax with the missus. None of this rocking out hard or kicking butt all the way – just a classic night in as though it’s one of many.


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