Personification of the night

Hey everyone. This is a new poem by me. In this one i have tried to personify the complexity of the night, as if it were the personality of a person. As the night is not one thing but many things for many people, i have chosen to progress his personality through the many stages of night, aka: scary, romantic etc.. through the medium of alcohol and becoming drunk. I have gone for a complicated rhyme structure of a,a,b,b,c,d,c,d as i wanted this to poem to rhyme less obviously so it felt more like a description.

I hope you like it, i felt like i was getting a bit sloppy with my vocabulary, wording and overall rhyming by the end, but i do hope you don’t agree and that i’m being to harsh a critic myself. Without further ado, please read on.

… As the sun sets, he rises calmly from his slumber.

Dusting himself off and forgetting memories of the night before, when he tore the town a thunder.

In his best casual dress, he takes in a lungful of the night air;

Taking his time to absorb the atmosphere, counting his lose change while trying to guess a cab fair.

He chooses to walk to the tune of the ebbing quiet, as day turns to night.

He shudders with pleasure as the night air cools him, and the street lights turn on as he passes them, one at a time.

As the hustle and bustle of the streets fades to the relaxing calm of the night, it’s easy to see why he shy’s from the light.

The sky darkens and the moon takes up the suns shrine, and as the stars shine; it’s sublime.


As the darkness takes hold, it surrounds him and loneliness creeps in;

So he seeks a pub and jolly company with idle chit-chat and games to win.

To the beat of local music and sport on the T.V., he finds his company.

Deciding this is the way he shall use this night, he pop’s to the nearest cash point to withdraw some money.

In the pub he finds what he was looking for, fun and banter and games galore!

Impressive and unbeatable in darts and pool, he even finds he’s caught the eye of a girl;

This beautiful woman, with a broad smile and eyes that sparkled like stars. A woman he only wished to adore

He introduces himself and expertly woes her, telling her things like if the night was a clam, she would be it’s pearl.


As the night draws on, she and her friends wanted to hit the town.

So, cash point raided and with money in hand, they “hit town to burn the mother fucker down!”

Sexy and hot, grinding his girl on the dace floor,

having a sneaky look around at the other girls wishing for more.

He went to get drinks and ends up getting another girl at the bar,

he gets her phone number and then spies another one,

But he never got that far.

His girl catches him and tells him it’s over, there Done!


Drunk and unhappy, he turns to shots, first in coke, then neat;

Dancing with random girls but trying to be discreet.

Sneaks up behind some guys girlfriend, and he didn’t take that to well;

Aster the fight he was thrown out but not before telling them all to go to hell.

The bouncers let him go saying he was lucky they didn’t phone the police to arrest him,

so he left knowing not to push his luck with a cop.

even after that much to drink he wasn’t that dim.

Anyway, off to the kebab shop.


Later, sitting in a shop doorway, he finds himself cold and alone; only conscious about eating his kebab.

Thinking to himself of the love-loss and violence of the night, and whether he can still afford a cab.

What’s this, vomit down his front- “When did this happen? fuck.”

“Must be more wasted than i thought”, he thought, as he slouched in his own muck.

The shops shut and there customers walk by him and laugh.

They think him pathetic as they pass him by.

Everyone turns a blind eye to him, even the shop staff,

even girls he’d danced with didn’t stop to say bye.


Suddenly then, as he plunged the needle into his arm, everything was clear!

He had meet an amazing girl who he let down for some ugly hooker, and that thought made his eyes tear.

Had had partied too hard and was now absolutely out of his tree;

So far, for the life of him, he couldn’t even remember if he had his house key!

He sat in the shop doorway as the clubs kicked out and the lights went off.

Taxis gone and the streets abandoned, even by police, the dark took on a new menacing chill; a frightful cold.

Loneliness crept in, but this accompanied by fear so petrifying, he darn’t make a noise and so held back a cough.

Then a morbid thought pushed it’s way to the front of his mind; someone could murder him now and leave him to mold.


Fear heightened his senses, every shadow became a rapist, every noise a murderer in the next doorway.

Surly no one would kill him, no, no way!

But quivering with fear in his own sick…. the street began to spin,

There and then he prayed to God to forgive him of his sin.

He was losing focus, his vision blurring, his mind slipping away….

as the night was coming to an end, busying it’s self for a new day,

He passes out into the dawn….





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