Welcome Back!

I’d like to welcome back Benny4700, who, after a lot of consideration and a quick conversation with me (in which I said nothing, so really, more of a monologue), we have decided to get him back on his writing saddle, or some cowboy metaphor like that. He will NOT be taking his role as Deputy Head Writer, because of how long he was away, and because, in my opinion (the one that matters) Gwinnett0 has been doing a spectacular job behind the scenes, sorting out the stuff I just haven’t had the chance to sort out.

In short, welcome back Benny. Welcome back. Now, get in your feckin’ office and get a bloody review sorted out!

That Guy

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

    1. Yeah, but you still come up as Gwinnett0 in half of these things where your name is and I dunno how to fix that. I get caught up in the old ways…


  1. Ahh, those were the good old days weren’t they. In many ways, with the recent unfortunate firings, and Benny coming back, we’ve gone back to that…. Yay 😀


    1. Well, you know how it is. I’ve been meaning to have a shake up for some time now, and, to be honest, yesterday was a rough night for me, so I just had to get it sorted with while I still wanted to.


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