Halloween Plans

So, it’s almost Halloween. What could we possibly be doing, here at TGTRS, that we didn’t do last year, and that you might actually be interested in? Well, last year I did zombies, not literally of course, so I guess that’s a big no-no…

This year, I, and hopefully the rest of our writing team (who will comment on this post if they are), will be involved in an online chat session between 8 and 10 pm, GMT, on the following website – http://centralchat.net/chat/TGTRS. You may recognise it. That’s our ‘if you ever want to chat and we’re on, that’s where you can find us’ webpage.

Hopefully, we’ll get a few people come in and have a Halloween chat with us, if not just a normal ‘how ya doin” kind of chat. If I am permitted to say, I think it’d be great to get to know our readers, get to know what you want to see more of, etc…

Also, since we can’t JUST do the one thing, because that’s too easy, we’ll be covering, or rather, I’ll be covering another topic this year. Zombies last year? What could it be this year? Well, stay tuned and found out in the week running up to Halloween, starting Wednesday 23rd October (so, tomorrow basically…)

So, from all of us here, we look forward to talking to you and we hope you have a very festive Halloween, or, as I think we should all say, Merry Spookmas!

That Guy


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