So, we kick off my fear season with Arachnophobia – a pretty common fear, if I may say. How can I do a critical analysis of my own fear, I hear you wonder. Well, just bear with me and have a read of the rest of this review. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.

Okay, you might. I can’t promise that you WON’T…

Because someone had to do it…

So, arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. What can I say about arachnophobia? Well, I guess I suffer from it. I say guess. I have arachnophobia and, as we speak, I am very aware that 3 spiders, of large size, are hiding in my room. Yes. It scares me. I was fine, right up until I wrote it and then I spent 5 minutes looking around me and scratching my itchy legs… Yeah.

What do I do, when I see a spider. Well, the picture made me cringe, but a real one would make me step away from it and blow in its face, to make it fly away from me. Yes. That’s what I do. Mock as you will…

Is arachnophobia rational, or irrational? I find it to be rational. You know why? Because spiders can, and have, killed people. Simple as that. Spiders are potentially dangerous. They can crawl down your throats and choke you in the night. They can fill you with spidery venom. They can… I dunno… kill you!

Simple as that. Am I wrong to be scared of spiders? Maybe I am. Will it stop me? No. Do I like being scared of spiders? No. I hate it. The constant fear that, whenever I go anywhere, that a spider may be about to pounce, gives me the willies. Not the Willy Nelson willies. Just the willies. Freaks me out. A lot.

Am I trolling you? No. I don’t like spiders. I hate them. I hate so few things, and spiders are one of them.

So, out of ten, what would I score arachnophobia? It’s a terrible fear, but it’s not the worst one I’ve got. I promise.


15 thoughts on “Arachnophobia

  1. Phobias are by design, irrational fears and although spiders have killed people, there is only one species of Poisson spider in the Uk…. admittedly it is the black widow which can be very dangerous, but it’s also rare.

    If you really are scared of spiders, buy a snake. they normally deal with the problem 🙂


    1. I would not say that every phobia is irrational. Some are rooted in common sense…

      Also, I have a strong dislike of snakes…


      1. I like cats. I’ll never leave if you do. I’ll constantly look like the infected from 28 days later because of the allergy but otherwise :p


  2. Snakes are incredible creatures, smart strong, amazingly flexible. Also, very popular as pets and in movies. Snakes don’t suck, and if you say that again, i’ll put one in your room, don’t believe me, look at the date i posted this…. I would….


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