50 points to whoever can tell me what Acrophobia is, without looking at the rest of this sentence or the internet. I can guarantee that 80% of you failed, if not more. Fear of heights. That’s what it is. Here’s what I think about it.

Long Drop
Woah, that’s a long way down…

So, what do I think about Acrophobia? Well, in a way, I like it. It keeps me close to terra firma. You know, there’s only a few things I love. Laying in the dark with some hardcore tunage, my amazing girlfriend and solid ground, are three of those few things. Now, combine the three, and I wonder how amazing that’d be…

Pretty Fucking Amazing
That, my dear reader, is how amazing…

So yeah, I actually like acrophobia. Sure, I go to high up places. Just 6 weeks ago, I was climbing up a mountain in Yorkshire (Great Whernside, check it out) and the day before, I did a 90 foot abseil. I nearly shat myself on the way down, but that’s not the point…

I have tried to conquer acrophobia, and it has been a worthy adversary. It’s the kind that will watch your activities, plan a defence, let you beat it a few times then SLAM YOU INTO THE SKY and watch you piss yourself in fear…

So, like I keep saying, I actually like acrophobia, so, as fears go, it’ll get a high score… Sort of.

It keeps me down, but in a good way. For acrophobia:


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