Ah – Thanatophobia. 100 points if you guess it before you carry on reading.

Thanatophobia is, without a doubt, the one fear that pretty much everyone has as some point. The fear of death. Not Death. Not dying. Death. I don’t fear the big cloaked skeleton, nor the act of experiencing death, but rather, it happening to me. I kind of look forwards to experiencing it. I want to know what it feels like to be ripped from this Earth. What I don’t want, is for it to happen any time soon.

I suppose what I fear most about death, is that I won’t have done everything I wanted to do. I want to be a dad. I want to be a grandad. I want to be a writer that people will remember long after my death. This won’t happen if I die tomorrow, will it? You won’t remember me. You might say you will, but you won’t.

What I want most of all, is to inspire someone I will never meet, that will be born after I die, through my writing. That, my dear reader, is my dream. I will never know that it’s happened, but still, that’s what I want.

So, my fear of death. Why? For what purpose? I can’t stop it, can I? I can’t cheat death. I’m not in a Final Destination film, although, to be fair, everyone dies in them anyway…

What do I think about thanatophobia? I think it’s a natural part of human nature, that everyone experiences at some point and I look forwards to finding out what all the fuss is about. We’ll see, won’t we?

Overall score of thanatophobia? Well, it’s a bit scary – the thought that, at any minute, I could drop dead and I might not be found for days and days, keeps me up at night sometimes. Tonight’s okay though. I have plans. People’d find out by Wednesday, at the latest.

But it’s also a motivator. It keeps me going. Keeps me doing things. I write because I want to be known as a somebody after my death. I am the best person I can be to the people who matter, because I want them to remember me as a great person. I try to be the best partner I can be, because I know, one day, I’ll be gone from her life and, regardless of how I leave, there’ll always be that one more time I’ll want to tell her I love her.

So, soppy stuff out-of-the-way, what is the final score?


That Guy

4 thoughts on “Thanatophobia

    1. Yeah, for now. I mean, sure, in 20 years when it all starts to feel a more real threat, then it probably won’t, but hopefully, by then, I’ll have something meaningful to live for, that will keep me going, like a family of my own.


  1. I have Thanatophobia. Clinically diagnosed. It’s a lot scarier than what you describe. I’m not sure if you’re suggesting you have it or what, but I definitely don’t understand how it’s only a 6/10! Isn’t it the ultimate fear? Most fears are connected, be extension, to a fear of death – snakes, spiders, heights, water… they’re scary because they could kill you, right? I think Thanatophobia wins all the prizes for scary!
    I found your blogpost because I have a google alert set up for “Thanatophobia” as I run a support group on Facebook & I blog about it. Feel free to check it all out, especially if you feel you ever need support. Thanks for raising awareness of the fear! xx


    1. Ah, I believe that, in my eyes, Thanatophobia is only the second worst fear, in the sense that, if you’re trying to induce fear, it’s the second best at it. Everyone fears death on some level, and yes, you’re right, the vast majority of other fears are connected to death. However, to me, there has always been a worse fear, one that drives me into torment at the mere thought, even when I know that it will almost definitely not happen. More on that on Wednesday…

      As always, these reviews are only ever the opinion of the writer. As I’ll explain in my last fear-review, I would have thought of Thanatophobia as being the scariest fear I have, until recent events made me realise the greater fear I have, indeed, within us all. As for it only getting a 6/10, we have a very complicated scoring system here at TGTRS – so complicated, in fact, that if I wrote it, you’d think I was lying and that we make it up as we go along. I feel that Thanatophobia is a pretty scary fear, but when I compare it to that other fear, the one I’m keeping hushed up, I know that it can’t compare properly, but that’s my job. Compare the incomparable. Decide whether I like fear a more than fear b. It’s tough, and it’s not for everyone, but if you don’t mind people disagreeing with you, it’s brilliant.

      Thanatophobia is not something to be taken lightly, and neither are any of the other fears people experience. They may be irrational at times, and they may make as much as sense as cottage cheese, but they are real things that cause distress in people’s lives. As such, I thank you for the support you provide, and if I feel the need, I’ll be sure to contact you for support.

      Hoping you are well,

      That Guy


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