In this review i’ll score the Vampire.

I am a big follower of Vampire mythology! Ever since a young age I’ve been fascinated by the Vampire. Not just for the stories and the movies but the culture and reasons behind the myths. I’ve been as far as looking into vampires more closely, looking at it’s place in pop culture through the ages, it’s evolution from it’s inception and even case studies of people who acted in such a bloodthirsty and evil way in there lives they earned the title of Vampire.

Vampires really are fascinating. If you look at there evolution through the years, you really get a sense of how the myth has been warped by differing cultures and beliefs through time. They began as a slow moving, moaning corps with blood flowing out of every hole in there rotting flesh. Now, thanks to influences such as brutal aristocracies, religious debates and Bram Stoker, they are now intelligent gentry who are repelled by garlic…. i never really got that bit.

If your interested in people who were like Vampires, my case studies of people you could search include:

  • Vald the impaler
  • Elizabeth Bathory
  • Gilles de Rais
  • Peter Kurten
  • Fritz Haarmann

These are the real vampires, the true monsters lurking in the shadows. They, unlike fiction, do deserve your nightmares.

It’s rather curious how vampires have changed in time from being creatures to be feared into misunderstood people to be idolized, romanced and even taken pity on; thank you Twilight.

I could have said so much on the vampire, but I’ve been in such a strange way recently, I’ve had trouble posting anything. I hope what I’ve typed here was sufficient entertainment for the evening, and all correctly spelled.

Vampires are: 8/10- Not a 10 because there not perfect and not a 9 because there stopped in there tracks by garlic…

That Other Guy


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