Change Of Halloween Plans

Sadly, as a result of actions beyond my control, I am having to post-pone the chat that you’ve all been invited to attend. Well, I’ll be late, is what I’m trying to say. With certain events occurring here at home, the earliest I can get onto my computer, would be at 9pm, and since that’s an hour later than it’s scheduled to start, I really can’t justify keeping it when it is.

As such, there are three options. Ahem…

One – We cancel the event, since no-one really expressed an interest in it, either in the TGTRS office, or elsewhere.

Two – We delay the event by an hour and a half, starting it at 9:30pm, and ending it at 10:30pm, to compensate. This does half the amount of time we can talk for, but, as always, if you ever want to talk, just let us know and we’ll arrange a time to discuss whatever you have on your mind.

Three – Have the conversation at a later date, probably Friday evening, at 8:30pm, until 10pm.

Since this is such short warning, if a SINGLE person, that isn’t a member of the TGTRS team, responds to this, telling me which they would prefer, we will go ahead with it. Simple as that. If no-one answers, before 9pm tomorrow, I’ll just cancel it.

That Guy

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