That Guys Top 7 Fears

So, over the last week, I have reviewed my top seven fears, BUT, how do I rank them? Well, read on and find out.

Please note, I am ranking these in the order of which they most bother me, and how effective a fear I think they are, rather than how much I like them. Mini-disclaimer aside, let’s get ranking!

7th – Ophidiophobia

The fear of snakes is something that, to me, is a minor nuisance, rather than a problem. It’s still something that bothers me more than, say, falling down the stairs, but not enough to rank higher than the bottom spot here.

6th – Coulrophobia

I admit, I have been around clowns a few times and, whilst they creeped me out, I wouldn’t run away from them like I would a snake. HOWEVER, the thought of snakes hasn’t kept me up at night. Murderous clowns have. Remember that.

5th – Liticaphobia

I do my best to stay within the law, to avoid this sort of problem, but still, it bothers me a lot more than the thought of a serial-killer-clown ever has. Funny that, in a way…

4th – Acrophobia

I have dabbled with heights before and won, so really, acrophobia shouldn’t be an issue, but, somehow, it is. Heights bother me because I am a weak individual and, if I fall, I will die, which, to be honest, is another fear of mine. Heights only get 4th place because of how cock-in-hand they are with Death.

3rd – Arachnophobia

Give me a spider and I have you a face full of lead. Or I would, if I still had my lead mine up and running. I despise them. They scare me and right now, the thought of it is annoying me. Moving swiftly on.

2nd – Thanatophobia

Thanatophobia, or the fear of death, is 2nd, because I don’t want to die and the thought of dying scares me quite a bit. It does a lot of people, but for me, I fear it because of the way it leads into number one on this list, the one you ALL knew would be there…

1st – Autophobia

Yes, the thing I fear most, is being alone. Completely alone. I believe that I will most likely be alone when I die, and that if there is an afterlife, I’ll end up alone in a desert somewhere, listlessly wandering around, looking for the naked-bi-curious-women’s-oasis-with-classic-tunage-pool-party, for the rest of eternity. I may have joked about it, but right now, the mere thought that I may, one day, be completely alone has made me very aware of a deep, dark pit in the depths of my soul, which I can feel squirming with anger and fear. Yes. Autophobia, my ultimate fear.

That Guy

2 thoughts on “That Guys Top 7 Fears

  1. Hey Benny, do you remember the day were meant to surprise TG by stranding him alone on a desert island; the dates just slipped my mind?


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