Why I love the Riddler

Well. as some of you may know from my previous bio picture and maybe less of you will have gathered from my recent one, and all of you will have gathered from the title….
…What, this one too hard for you, it’s meant to be easy….

Of course i know you all got it (I hope) i love the Riddler; and here’s why:

I’ll start with his persona, shall i. Well, believe it or not, Riddler had a quite bizarre beginning. Originally, Riddler was no more than another joker, almost an exact copy to be exact. Even down to a chilling, insane laugh. He was written not to be taken seriously as a major villain in the original comics and this lack of danger about him was followed up by his part in the T.V. series played to focus on his actual riddles rather than him.

Because of his obvious copy of Joker, there have been many attempts since “them good old days”  to reinvent the Riddler. Many writers have tried this, most outstandingly Paul Dini who decided Edwards coma cured him of his insanity and made him a private, genius level detective consultant (Copying Sherlock?) who often brushed shoulders with Bruce Wane in higher society and even worked with Batman a few times including in…. i think it was in the countdown series of comics number.. 42, that him and Batman took down Clay face together.

So, he’s been a mad copy, dabbled as a sane genius, been a detective and a gentleman, a good guy no less; impulsive, self loving (yes he has) and who could forget the camp and tight leotard of Jim Carrey when he played him in Batman Forever. But i still have a problem with all of these performance’s (at least all those where he’s a villain), but i’ll come to that later, next, “Hay diddle diddle, time for a….”

Riddles are what the Riddler’s all about, i mean lets be fair, his name is kind of a give away, even to an amoeba. Going back to the beginning again, his Riddles began childish and not very logical. I mean yes, they were hard but, not in the ways that make sense, to me at least. For example: “What are the coldest twelve inches you face in your life?” (answer at the end)

Actually, i picked a pretty poor example of his bad riddles, but still. This didn’t change in the T.V. series or on the big screen. So, the Riddler’s riddles are bad and his persona is now what i’m coming back to. You see my problem is he has always been laughed off the stage. He has never really been seen as a major threat, at least on on the same level of the other villains, simply because his threats were always small, and it was rare that he ever carried any of them out. Batman and boy wonder/Robin always seem to solve his riddles without even having to put the kettle on, and no one really cares for Riddler.

Yet, there were two thing from “them good old days” that was promising. His insanity itself and his death traps. Let me explain. Although he was never taken seriously as a bat villain, a lot of thought did gone into this clown clone. What’s more insane than a homicidal maniac that feels like he MUST leave clues as to what crimes he will commit. He always has to prove he’s smarter than any adversary who would face him, so especially Batman, and yet in his genius, he leaves clues, to what he’s GOING to do, leaving plenty of time between leaving the clue and said crime.

But best and worse of all, even, no especially when he has the upper hand, instead of just killing his opponents, he has to humiliate there intelligence further by putting them in a cleverly designed death trap that the victim will have no way of escaping from alive….                                                         ….Well, unless there are actually smart enough to work out the trap and find the exit, which he feels he must put in to, i don’t know, lord over the victims dead body….?

Anyway, i have always felt close to Riddler, for reasons i’ll later explain, but due to my fascination with him, i eagerly awaited his 21st century revamp, and what did i get….                                               JUST a nice new FUCKING SUIT!!!!!! Based, guess what…. ON THE OLD FUCKING ONE!!!!!

Seriously, he hasn’t changed much at all. His face is crisper on a HD T.V., but that’s about it. His Riddles, still childish, still immature and at most passive aggressive. His insanity is probably the most developed of all the Batman villains, simply because he was written, first time out, to be insane in a very easily understandable way. The only other one originally written as insane was Joker and you were never meant to work him out.

In Arkham Asylum he appeared insane, which was good. His interview tapes adhered to that. Only, he was still asking silly riddles: “Try not to cut yourself on this, sharply observed portrait”and he was still not a major threat, due to his lack of presence. Arkham city wasn’t much of an improvement. As the whole game was based on the (classic American) idea, bigger is better, they just put in more trophy’s and riddles of no better quality. But…. the hostages and there death traps finally bought some real sense of evil to him. That and his presence at the end, FINALLY he’s starting to be taken seriously as a villain….

Oh, no, wait…. i spoke too soon. The Riddler ending is all about humiliating and laughing at him, making him look stupid and taking away every sense of danger i had built up about him over the game. Why Rockstar and EA, why?

Seen as he hasn’t made a return in any of the movies either, and this and the new comic series is all i have to go on, i would say people just keep remaking him the same way i could remake a cake while only being allowed to use the same ingredients as before. If i want the best result, i have to follow the recipe. Ideally, Riddler needs someone, actor or writer, to entirely revolutionize him from scratch. Otherwise, he going to stay the way he is, and i feel that would be such a shame because he has so much potential.

The reason i like him is because he’s a genius who’s insanity makes him do stupid things in the name of his genius. He has a paradox of a mind and revels in an intellectual challenge despite the fact that he knows he will effectively self sabotage by, leaving clues, acting slowly and waiting in the shadows to be caught, basically. A very complex and interesting man, i like him a lot.

So Riddler: 10/10 perfect: he is not
9/10 near perfect: nope
8/10: If my personal feelings could get in the way, he would be but, must be professional
So, 7/10

That Other Guy

Answer: Cold Feet

5 thoughts on “Why I love the Riddler

  1. Thanks very much Benny. Means a lot coming from somone as good as you. What part(s) inparticular did you like, out of curiosity?


  2. Oh stop it :L
    You used a variety of sources and the comparrison to the Joker. You’re right when you say that more could be done with the character, Riddler deserves better.


  3. Also, Odile, merci beaucoup pour le produit similaire. j’aime votre blog et j’espère que nous continuerons à profiter de l’autre le travail. au revoir.


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