That Guy’s Opinions On… The BBC, George Entwistle and Why They Should Be Left Alone

So, here we have it, the maiden post of our Opinions On category. Hopefully, this’ll be a great piece for everyone, on a regular basis, but only time will tell.

We’ll kick things off with my Opinions On the way the BBC and George Entwistle have been treated by Parliament, the News Industry and pretty much everyone else on the planet, if BBC News is telling me the truth.

First off, I want to make something very clear. I only trust two sources when it comes to finding out what’s going on. One of those is the BBC, the other is here. Why? Because I write most of it, so I know that I’m writing what I believe to be true. As for the BBC, I have faith in them because I can see no way they could gain from lying to me. I see no political spin, no wealthy persuaders, and I’m damn sure that there are no evil corporation people in the BBC, because otherwise, Panorama would have told us by now.

So, that out-of-the-way, I find it disgraceful that a single show, on the world’s most reliable network, has successfully managed to fuck up the BBC’s reputation so much, over something as simple as mistaken identity. I find it even worse, when I think that they’ve made George Entwistle the scapegoat here. I mean, he’s been blamed for Newsnight fucking up and blabbing about an alleged paedophile politician from the Thatcher era.

Now, before I start on the whole of the BBC, situation, let’s just focus on Entwistle for a moment.

George Entwistle is one man. One man. Sure he’s the now-ex-director-general at the BBC (which I think is fancy words for the big boss guy of the TV stuff), but even he has too much on his plate to successfully review EVERY SINGLE program the BBC shows, to see if it’s safe to release. Heck, it wasn’t even the whole of Newsnight. It’d have been a section on a show happening late at night, which foolishly decided to reference a reported case of a paedophile politician from the Thatcher era.

I feel for Entwistle here. Why? Because I’m essentially the director general of TGTRS, and I don’t know what everyone’s writing. I can check, and it doesn’t cause much hassle, but people get pissy. They don’t want me all up in their grill, so to speak. The last thing I wanna do is piss off my fellow writers, so I have a sneaky look every now and then, check what they post and make sure we’re not gonna piss off anyone that can sue me. Entwistle, however, has loads of channels, radio stations and websites to keep an eye on, making sure that everyone stays within their bounds and he’s only been doing his job for 2 months. He’s not going to be getting it right, is he? I mean, heck, who the hell gets it right every time for the first three months of work?

And the government has the audacity to comment on his payout, for resigning? Seriously? The man is being used as a scapegoat and they want to know why he’s getting paid for it? Grow the fuck up, UK government. He deserves more! It’s not his fault some idiot on the Newsnight team didn’t bring it to his attention…

Now for the BBC as a whole. The BBC does a lot of things. Informs, entertains and educates, to name a few. They say the whole of the BBC’s reputation will have taken a beating after this. Really? CBBC will no longer be credible, because the Newsnight team made a simple mistake? Well, that doesn’t make much sense. Guess the fiction department will be in serious trouble then… They must have collaborated on this one, mustn’t they?

What I’m trying to say, is, sure, the news department might be in trouble for a few months, but are we honestly going to say that the whole BBC will no longer be believable? I find that extremely hard to believe. I honestly do. I made a mistake calling the US election, but you’ve all come back to read what we think, because that’s what we present it as. Opinion. Not fact.

But that’s just what I think. Who am I to judge the BBC, Entwistle, my government, other news stations and the general public? I’m just a big fan, a supporter, someone they’re meant to be working for, someone who gets them paid and one of the members…

That Guy

If you have an opinion on this, please, feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you think. We’ll happily debate this topic with you and, if you want, publish a post outlining your opinions on your behalf. We’re all for opinions here.

23 thoughts on “That Guy’s Opinions On… The BBC, George Entwistle and Why They Should Be Left Alone

    1. I don’t people criticizing my opinions, so long as they realize that I am entitled to one and they don’t HAVE to agree with me. The minute someone insults my opinions, or has a go at ME because of them, they lose the right to criticize what I say. Simple as that. I promote healthy debate…


      1. I think they have thrown money needlessly at Entwistle. Do you think there bribing him to take the hit?


      2. I think they’re paying him to not kick up a fuss. The fact that they’ve made him a scapegoat, to me, means that he’s entitled to the money.


  1. I think it was irresponsible and show off-ish of the BBC to pay him a years work in the recovery of a recession. Just another example of there extravagant pay system, and i only got a months plus unused holiday pay when i was made redundant so i’m all so a little jealous.


    1. Wanna talk about the recession? I’m struggling to find a job and am currently surviving thanks to my JSA. Without it, I would be dead. Simple as that. I’m happy for him to get the money because, as far as I’m concerned, he should still have the job. They’ve pretty much forced him out. At least let him have something to show for it…


  2. Fair point. If it wasn’t for them, he would still have a job, and you lucky basterd on JSA! Let me tell you what I’ve been through:

    1) Three separate attempts to claim online, third time with mother. That form, not Aspergers friendly.
    2) Having to visit my bank on two separate occasions to get up to date information.
    3) Finally when signed on on Monday, i realized i would be in Newcastle for my cousins wedding on my first signing day. Just going for 3 days, two of them involve travel. So, i have to go back to Job center plus to get a holiday form, and after completing it, they tell me i can’t have two weeks of allowance because i won’t be seeking a job or be available for one. I redo it and hand it in again today saying i will seek work while on Holiday but still won’t be available, so they phoned me up later today saying i can’t get four weeks of allowance if i go, and that i should sign off, and when i’m back on Monday do a “rapid reclaim”.

    I mean, the first three days are your start up period, so i won’t get any money for them anyway, so i haven’t even had anything and i’m already signing off!

    It’s been hell. I’ve been in tears and mother went back for me this afternoon to half sort it out and half complain, because if i had gone back someones head would have really got some face time with the inside wall.


    1. I was lucky. I was doing NOTHING, other than looking for work, when I signed on. Nothing got in the way. Started my claim the day after we left college. Didn’t want to leave it any longer in case I got fucked over.


      1. Actually, yes. I do. It was a school filled with morons and despite the persecution I endured there, I managed to excel. I excelled in a school which seems to demand stupidity! We both did. I’m proud of me, and you. More me though.


      2. Gentle teasing… Ah… Yes. That most cruel of all school activities. Pick on the fat kid. Pick on the smelly kid. Pick on the smart kid. Pick on the one that’s all three…


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