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Hey guys, That Other Guy here. Just a quick note before this post to say i won’t be posting over the weekend due to being in Newcastle for my cousins wedding, and if i don’t go, she will walk all the way down to Stamford and physically cut my head off with a stiletto heel…. So yeh, that’s where i’ll be, having a great time, by the way, but it will mean no weekend posts. Like normal with me really. Anyway, onto the rather cryptic title:

Due to my state of only having one part time job, this hobby and my x-box, personal library and limited preference of likable T.V. programs, most of which i watch online because non of them are daytime T.V., except for the repeats of Top Gear on Dave, and even that gets monotonous eventually. This combined with my job searching, I’ve found myself with a lot more spare time and online a lot more. So, as a guy who doesn’t watch porn…. not judging those who are…. i have found myself scouring YouTube looking for entertainment, and among cut out reruns of the Morecambe and Wise show and random songs by small time bands I’ve never heard off, it was only a matter of time before i found a diamond in the ruff.

After surfing through a lot of crap in the annuls of Youtube history, not to mention replaying Afro circus an inordinate amount of times (like if you’ve done the same 🙂  What i stumbled upon was something i didn’t expect myself to find. Looking through Amnesia Dark Descent lets plays was weird for me as i normally avoid horror all together, but i was looking for a players reaction, and i got a great one with this guy. He was funny, he was actually scared at points, he never gave in and he always pointed out the strange annoying parts of horror games, like why do i want to go down there, and why do i not want to stay here, for one random example.

It’s hard to explain what makes this guy so good without showing you, but he is good. He has 24,553 subscribers and he’s genuine. Just a guy, playing a game, as any of us would, and i found that really entertaining to watch. Please check him out and as i was so drawn into his Amnesia Dark Descent series to watch about 20+ episodes in one sitting, i would highly recommend him (which is what i’m doing here) and rate his channel:


That Other Guy

Links: His Channel! Amnesia Dark Descent Episode 1 Amnesia funny bits

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