That Guy’s Opinions On… The Police And Crime Commissioner Votes

Okay, so, who keeps up to date with modern British news? Yesterday was the day of the Police and Crime Commissioner votes. Yep. Yesterday. Statistically, if you’re in the UK, chances are you didn’t vote. What do I think about that?

Good. I’m pleased. In my eyes, you shouldn’t have voted, or at least, not if your pre-vote run-up was similar to mine, anyway…

I knew the election was happening, heck, I intended to vote. I was always going to vote, more as an experience thing, than as a “get what I want” thing, what with this being my first chance to vote since I turned 18. You’ve got to vote your first time, right? It’s like smoking and drinking on your 18th. You’ve just got the urge to do it. It’s almost as though it’s law.

Well, I didn’t, for one simple reason. No-one cared about my vote. Not a single person, that mattered, cared what I wanted to vote for. How do I know? Other than my polling card, no-one sent me ANYTHING about the elections. Not a single campaign leaflet, not a single knock on the door, not a single care in the world trying to convince me to vote for them.

But surely, as the voter, it’s my duty to research the options? No. Not a chance. Why? Because their job, before they actually get voted in, is to try and convince me to vote for them. Why should I do the legwork when they’re going to get paid £65,000 – £100,000 for getting the job. The least they can do is tell me who they are, right?

So, yeah, long story short, if they didn’t campaign to you, directly to you with a leaflet, or a knock on the door, or whatever else they do, and you voted, as far as I’m concerned, you’ve abused democracy. You voted blindly. You voted based on what you thought about people you knew next to nothing about. There was a perfect example, on BBC News, tonight. The exchange went as follows:

“You’re the first person I’ve found that voted… Can you tell me who you voted for?”

“Nope. I can’t remember.”

How can you have made an educated vote if you can’t even remember who you voted for? Seriously? It’s ridiculous. No wonder people we all realise were bad choices, get positions of power. It’s because morons vote randomly and fuck everything up for the rest of us.

That’s what I think…

That Guy

If you have an opinion on this, please, feel free to leave a comment and tell us what you think. We’ll happily debate this topic with you and, if you want, publish a post outlining your opinions on your behalf. We’re all for opinions here.

5 thoughts on “That Guy’s Opinions On… The Police And Crime Commissioner Votes

  1. I voted. I agree that i shouldn’t have to do the leg work, but also, it was my first vote, so the urge was there, and i actually did think over a few hours and a cup of coffee about who to vote for. Plus, i believe that if you do not use you’r democratic right to vote on something, then equally, you have no right to say anything, for or against it later, because you abstained from putting forward your opinion when given the chance.

    I think PCC’s are actually a bad idea. They are bringing politics closer to policing, something i disagree with strongly (that’s how most secret polices come about) and it promotes a degree of tolerance variable to each area.

    e.g: Say Cambridge PCC was a very punitive person (a “hang ’em high” attitude) whereas Lincolnshire’s PCC was a more liberal minded person (it’s there business). Now say, your caught speeding cause your late for work. Most likely, if your caught in Cambridgeshire, you’ll be fined on the spot, and it won’t be a cheep £20.00 either…..
    But if you’r caught in Lincolnshire and explain your late for work, you more likely just to get a warning. This problem is already happening in the court systems across the country, as anything down to the judges discretion can vary widely depending on which county you go to court in. This is a failure of the system, the government and Parliament have admitted that and are trying to fix it. Yet at the same time, they bring forward PCC that, in my opinion, can only exasperate the problem.

    So why did i vote. I voted to be able to put forward this opinion….

    AND, i voted for an independent, who further more, won! Yay!


    1. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about who won, nor about the kind of job he’s going to do, just that for a bunch of people who wanted my vote, they didn’t really show any effort in trying to reach me.

      At the end of the day, we have to give it a go and see how it ends up. We won’t know how bad it was until it’s been tried and tested.


  2. I am complaining about the type of job and saying it’s not worth a go. I think it’s just going back to the old system of sheriff’s and outlaws, which was obviously a corruptible and used as the kings grip on the country. This could just be the governments first move towards privately policing the country.

    Think about it, most of the candidates were politically motivated and before you go saying, how can it be privately done by the government when we voted in the PCC’s, the government can still manage to keep a lot quiet from us despite that we vote them in as well….

    Just saying, history is a wheel, it turns full circle, and something like this has been done before and famously became a system of control.


    1. So, what I think we’re all dying to ask next is… How long before Hugo Weaving comes along with a Guy Fawkes mask and knifes the place up?


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