Blur – Country House

Interesting story. Whenever I write a review of the songs I have, I get all the songs to play, so that I can not only just choose the one I’m going to review, but can carry on listening afterwards, without having to fuck around when I’m done. This time, somehow, what with being on shuffle, the first song to play, was Blur – Country House. What are the odds of that, eh?

Blur has always been one of those bands that I thought I could sing like. I’ve maintained for a long time that my “I’ve got a cold” voice, sounds just like them. I’ve been told this is wrong, but heck, I can believe whatever I want to believe. I can. My religion states so.

So, Blur sounding like they have a cold. Well, on that note, let’s start with the vocals, shall we? Lyrically, it’s not that bad. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the idea that him having morning-glory is a song-worthy occurrence worries me, because if that was the case, I’d be inspiring songs til they came out my ears…

The subject matter, is that this man, this man with a hole in his chest, is living in the country and recovering from what I have just, as I type these words, realised is a break-up. I don’t look the meanings up, you know. I just… Listen, and hope that I get the right meaning from it. I rarely do, but I suppose that just shows how bad the song must really be if it’s meaning is lost on someone trying to hear its meaning… Just saying.

This man, this man who lives in the country, has just experienced a break-up and is recovering out in the countryside by relaxing and using recreational drugs. That’s what I now believe to be the meaning of this song. Argue with that if you like, but, well… You know… It’s my review…

So, the lyrics now make a lot more sense to me, particularly the “lonely, I am so sad, I don’t know why” bit which never really made much sense to me before. Funny that.

The way they are sang, the whole song that is, is actually quite intriguing. The sort of ethereal sound for the lonely sadness bit, along with the sort of freedom loving voice of a man who’s just gone through a heart-shattering break-up for the rest of the song, kind of mix together throughout, to demonstrate that all he’s doing is putting on a brave face, making sure that no-one sees him slip, because if he does, they’ll realise that all along, he’s struggling to cope with the recent change in his life, the recent change that he doesn’t think he can live with have happened.

The music. What can I say about the music? Well, the drums have managed to become the signature instrument for me, with this song. Now, don’t get me wrong, the drum does a lot, but not as much as you all think. The use of vocal backing, as well what I think is a trumpet, a guitar or something I can’t name without watching it being performed live. I swear to god they have a church organ in there somewhere, but heck, I’m going deaf, so who knows? Probably an oboe, knowing my hearing…

So, what can I say? The lyrics are now great, the vocals are strange, but fit the overall mood and the instruments are giving me one hell of a mental workout. All that can really be said is that I like this song. A lot.


That Guy

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