Blur – Song 2

What’s is this trickery? A second Blur song in one night? No fair, That Guy. No fair at all! Well, tough. It’s what I want to do, and it’s next on my list. I’m having some me time and my time is being dedicated to these reviews. I could be making progress on my book about films, but instead, I’m giving you some completely original content, about a song you probably can’t remember without the following hyphenated word. Woo-hoo!

Woo-hoo! sums up this song completely. Why? Because it’s the only bit that you know you’re singing right. What makes me say that? The sheer fact that, right now, I have Blur singing with their cold-ridden throats, right in my ear, saying words that don’t exist in my language. Judge me all you like, I’ve told you all about my hearing and mentioned my “Blur has a cold” theory in my last review, so, well… You were warned.

Listen to the song. Trust me. It sounds like the have a cold. Try to sing it without any air going through your nose. You can now sing like Blur. Congratulations.

So, to the review? Good thinking!

The music, with this song, is quite simple. You let someone listen to that simple guitar riff and they’ll know the song. It’s just a short 3-5 second piece being repeated throughout, but it’s a 3-5 second piece which makes the song so memorable. It’s so simple, short and sweet, and yet, it sums up the musical element of this song. When it rocks out a bit, it’s the same music, but just a bit more… rocky. The drums get the important job of the introduction piece in this song, so they sort of set you up for a rocked up section, only to be met by a sort of acoustic sounding guitar, THEN rocked up section. It catches you off guard. It caught me off guard…

The lyrics. I refuse to look them up this time. I find joy in just being able to sing whatever sound right. However, I maintain that the song is sang with a blocked nose. I’m not complaining. I’m really not. I just wish that someone would agree with me, just once…

So, without looking up the lyrics, what more can I say? Well, I can say that I like the song. I do. I wouldn’t have it if I didn’t. I have it because I think it’s a good song, and it may be a bit lacking in the understandability department, but the next song is sang by a bloke who suffers from that a lot. No hints as to who, but if you get it right, you’ll get 20 TGTRS points.

Blur – Song 2. One song that I’ve just reviews. What will they score?


That Guy

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