Short Break

I, That Guy, will be taking a short break from reviewing, maybe up to 2 weeks, which I shall be spending with my amazing girlfriend. I will be checking TGTRS every few days, and any messages sent to will be responded to as promptly as we can.

I will also, given the opportunity, crack out a few reviews whilst I am away, so that I can keep up to speed with how we do things, and not fall off the tracks whilst I am away.

I leave the site in the capable hands of my Deputy Head Writer, That Other Guy, as well as popular writer, Benny4700. Between them, they’ll be keeping everything running smoothly whilst I am absent, and I trust that they can manage it without problem. If the site gets burnt down, they will be getting the blame.

Hoping you all enjoy the next few weeks as much as I do,

That Guy

2 thoughts on “Short Break

  1. We aren’t just going to burn the site down, we’re going to burn the internet down! We’re going to raze it to the ground and then salt the earth so that nothing ever grows again!! LEAVE NONE ALIVE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


    1. Ah, the Roman attack on Carthage, imitated over the internet. Keep up the good work, lads. Keep up the good work.


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