I was the other with the job

Hey guy’s, been a while. I was the Other Guy with the job (see what i did there). I was a marketer for Lovefilm but i realized quite quickly that the job wasn’t for me. For one thing, i was only being payed on commission and it was only £12 a sale. Who knew Lovefilm were such tight gits…. anyway, i did it for two weeks ( the last two when i haven’t been writing to be exact) and that included one road trip to Carlisle. I thought the people were great and the traveling was excellent, but the job was crap. So, today actually, i quit and am now back to shouting at job center staff about there sheer idiocy and mountains of paperwork and asking over and over again why they need to know almost every excruciating detail of my life. It’s just fun fun fun….

….fun, fun, fun. In the sun, sun, sun. I want to lie shipwrecked and comatose, drinking…..

(like if you know the song!)

So, i’m back to reviewing and to having a social life once again. Posting soon

That Other Guy

3 thoughts on “I was the other with the job

  1. Yes! The Red Dwarf theme song! I prefer the hammond organ version from season 2 though (was it season 2?)…


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