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So, there hasn’t been a World of Warcraft (WoW) review done on the site. I know, i checked. So, we are missing a review of arguably the biggest and most popular MMORPG. It’s ok though, because i thought i would help plug the gap a little by doing a quick review on the classes of WoW. I won’t be reviewing the whole thing for one simple reason: you try playing the whole fucking game! It’s an MMORPG for a reason and although i would give it a good few months and a bloody good try, i still doubt i would be able to say that i didn’t miss anything. Simple as. So, i will now proceed with the first of three reviews on Warcraft. Enjoy:

In the World of Warcraft, there are many races and classes to choose from. Now, i’m not going to go into an epic story on each race, because i haven’t played them all or the races attitudes towards each class, but i can g through the classes because i have played all of them and i have a honest opinion on each one:


The default. Also, what would seem the obvious choice in a game based around fighting, war and bringing death to your enemies. That’s exactly why nobody chooses Warrior. It’s too fucking obvious  and everyone thinks you have no imagination or that your a noob. I know this, because slating comments like that were all i seemed to receive from other classes. Warriors were nice to me, but they were all unimaginative noobs so i didn’t care about them.

Being a Warrior only gets good after level 40, when you start getting proper decent looking armor, can cause lots of aggro and main weapon looks beast! Suddenly, people then assume your awesome and want you to train them. Of course i’m now only talking about noobs cause experienced players see through the good looking facade and see an unimaginative noob, who just stuck at what he knew.


The Most powerful magical class in the World of Warcraft. That is undisputed and a high level Mage can expect respect from all other players of any level, because they all know to get that high level as a Mage means they can beat you in any fight, any time any where in an absolutely epic and humiliating way. But to get there…

You have to be a low level Mage and that means, lag spikes, glitches, load times, being physically weak so being beaten by anything that gets within biting or slashing distance. You are laughed by the other classes because you have no “Real” weapon, no decent armor or clothing and your frail as fuck. To get the respect you deserve, you first have to role around in other peoples dirt. It is worth it, but it takes a lot of dedication.


Almost every, no, Everybody in WoW has been a rouge at some point. They are the cheapest and most used class because there appeal is obvious:

  1. They-Just-Look-Cool
  2. They deal epic damage
  3. They deal epic damage with epic speed
  4. They don’t require much training before they are considered decent
  5. They can Fucking turn Invisible!

That pretty much sums it up. The problem is, that is it. As you go up the levels they just keep looking cooler, doing more damage, dealing it quicker and staying invisible for longer. My point is once the novelty of sneaking up right in front of someone, appearing, hacking them to death faster than they can blink and they turning invisible to sneak away again (admittedly this does take ages!), your left with a repetitious attack sequence that will win every time; and i ask you, where’s the fun in that?


The healers of the group. In everything to do with war, there’s always a medic. Now, to be a Priest or a Shaman, you need to already know how to to play a Priest or Shaman. If you’ve played a Priest or Shaman, you will know what i mean, but if you haven’t then that last statement will make no sense at all. What i mean is, you need to know how to play the character effectively from the word go or you can really end up messing up.

I had a nightmare with this class. It’s one of the few that gets harder with the levels as you are required with harder and harder dungeons to master more and more complicated healing and cursing magic. In many ways you have the most important job in your team which means it’s always easy for the others to blame you if things go wrong and, trust me, they will blame you, all the time.


Don’t fuck about. Paladin is the perfect war creation. A cross between Warrior and Priest with the ability to deal DPS, be a tank or even be a healer, you really are a jack of all trades. There is nothing better out in the field when your injured and far from any Priest or town, than just finding a slightly sheltered spot and taking a minuet or two to heal yourself. The Independence of a Paladin and the respect you get from your first spawn right up to the high levels with being a Paladin is the best!

But, you must be careful with how you play the character. It’s too easy to improve you’r healing abilities at the same time as your fighting skill and, every now and then, just train to do some more DPS. Eventually though, you can find you truly are a jack of all trades, but you’ve mastered non. The worst time to discover this is when your in a high level dungeon and the team suddenly want you to be a Tank while your healing them and then complain your DPS is low. You get my point. It’s easy for teams to rely on a Paladin but it’s not easy being the Paladin who the team rely on. Better just pick one skill, get really good at that and then pick the others up later.


Druids are meant to have this great connection to the World of Warcraft and are able to look after it and keep it in balance/harmony. When i play this class, i feel nothing like that. As a druid, lets admit it, you’ve only got one thing on your mind. Travel forms! It’s an epic power and a bloody useful one to. As you go up the levels you also get forms more geared towards fighting and the class also wields powerful magic, but as a druid, you never become a good fighter. You just stay a ranged DPS, under-powered Mage with awesome travel forms; that’s it.


Ahh, my preferred class. I love warlocks. Why, they are basically mages, only a lot cooler. Now, i’m not saying there as powerful as a mage, because from level 40 onward’s mages leave them for dust, but they start more powerful than mages. Same power spells, but Warlocks can wield weapons, like swords and daggers and actually fight monsters. But most impressive of all is there demons, whom they command and control. These start pretty useful, and level 60 gives way to the best demons you can summon.

Still, they have there problems. Kill there demon and a Warlock is severely weakened. They can fight themselves but there no where near as good with a sword as a warrior. There magic is strong though, and if used properly by an experienced player, even without a demon, the spells can be very crippling indeed. I know I’ve sort of slammed the other classes a bit, but it’s hard to slam this one because it is a very good class. If there is anything, a lot of players don’t like Warlocks, so respect is at an all time low when you play this character.


A very unique class as you begin with a pet and some form of ranged weapon like a gun or bow. I love the sheer fun of sending you’r pet to fight something while you sneak behind it, get a critical shot and keep it up till it gets too close then thane death leaving you’r pet to either die or finish it. The problem is a ranged weapon does have loading time between shots, and no matter how high a level you get, that load time is an unavoidable fact of ranged weapons.

Still, being able to track, complete quests, in my opinion, faster than any other class except maybe a Paladin. You can choose to be a ranged DPS character, with a pet or a Tank, with a pet. Either way your a powerful member of the team who can deal a lot of damage, and you have a pet. There’s a lot of satisfaction in taming an animal to be your pet.

You can carry and wield basically every weapon in the game that’s not magic oriented and that’s a lot o’ choice. Also, the class gets rather ignored in WoW because there not to common or rare, loved or hated. You are a “normal” class. Nothing special, but not boring either.

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