Bon Jovi – Have A Nice Day

Okay, so, I write this whilst having a headache, tired and having spent the night out drinking. I shouldn’t be doing this, but I promised 8 reviews by midnight tonight, and I’ve done 1 so far. I need to write to you, so here I am, holding up to my end of the bargain. I hope you all appreciate it.

So, Bon Jovi is one of those singers that you just have to have a listen to if you’re in the mood for a sing-song. Now, don’t get me wrong, given the choice, I wouldn’t pick “Have A Nice Day” for singing along to. The chorus is great for it, but to me, if you can’t really sing along well with the whole song, it’s not worth singing along to at all. That’s why Mr Brightside is so great. You can sing the whole song, no problems.

I can taste lemon. Just thought I’d share that.

It appears to be about not taking the world’s shit and just living how you want and enjoying yourself. That’s what I hear. I might be wrong, but heck, who’s the reviewer? I can blag it!

So, the lyrics have a partly ambiguous meaning then, but the chorus is great.

If there’s one thing I hang on to,
That get’s me through the night,
I’m gonna do what I don’t want to,
I’m gonna live my life,
Shining like a diamond,
Rolling with the dice,
Standing on the ledge I’ll show the wind how to fly,
When the world gets in my face, I say,
Have a nice day!

It’s great! World – Get out of my way! I’m having a nice day and you should fuck off and have one too. That’s what it says to me. That’s what it says!

So, after all that, why does it seem so angry? Musically, it’s very angry. You’ve got heavy guitar, heavy drums and angry vocals. It’s VERY angry and that confuses me. It should be more light-hearted I think. It’d probably lose the effect, but it’d go with what I think the son is about.

So, what do I think? Well, I like the chorus, both musically and vocally, but I’m not a fan of the rest of it. I don’t know why, but I really don’t. For me, this is a mediocre song. Sorry John, but it is. Up next, more Bon Jovi… Guess which song…


That Guy

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