Bon Jovi – Livin’ On A Prayer

Bon Jovi at his best, or their best. I never really bothered to find out. Regardless, this is the sing-along song that we all know and love. You know all, if not most of, the lyrics and you’ll happily sing along when it’s playing. Admit it. It was on last night, actually, at my first clubbing experience. We sang like villains. Is that a thing? That should be a thing.

It’s about a bunch of people going through a tough time, which we can all relate to at the moment. Life IS tough and we all appreciate that a lot. More than people realise, actually.

So, lyrically, it’s quite good. Everything sort of fits together and there’s no forced rhyming, or rhyming at all, to be honest, until the chorus. Everything flows and slips into place. That’s what lyrics should do.

Now, the music. The 80’s style of keyboard, synthesizing and drums with guitar works brilliantly. It might not be an 80’s style. It makes me feel like I’m living in the 80’s. It really does.

You can sing along. That’s all I ever want from a song, any more. Something I can sing along to. Something I can sing along and bop to. Something I can sing along to and bop to whilst ever so slightly drunk and surrounded by strangers who are more drunk than I am. That’s the dream, right?

The vocal-sounding “oh-oh-woah-oh” kinda pisses me off though. It’s not needed. Get rid of it. Remove it from the song. The song is still great! Cease the oh-oh-woah-oh-ing!

But, it is a classic song and who am I to judge it? I’m a frickin’ reviewer. That’s who I am. C’mon, people. It’s an amazing song, with one minor downfall which has cost it two points because I’m crabby. Now, if you don’t mind, I need to take Bon Jovi’s hand and make it for the other half of the journey we’re apparently on…


That Guy

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