That Guy’s Top 5 Christmas Films

YEah – My top 5 Christmas films next. What could I pick? They could be anything. Well, have a guess at any of them, before you have a look, and then we’ll see how right you were.

So, what are they? Let’s have a looksie, shall we?

5 – Christmas With The Kranks

The story of a married couple who decide to skip Christmas in exchange for a cruise, before having to make last-minute changes to everything, because their daughter is coming home for Christmas. Comedy ensues and although everyone else in the media reviewing business seems to have a problem with it, I quite like it.

Why? Well, for one, you see a surprisingly attractive Jamie Lee Curtis in her bikini, as well as a typical Christmas supermarket argument over honeyed ham, which you just know could really happen.

It was the change of personality which sold it to me though. Throughout the film, two neighbours have argued throughout, and in the end, the younger gives his cruise tickets to the older and his cancer-fighting wife, so they can rest and relax. It’s a heart-warming thing to experience, even if it was all part of the script.

4 – Toy Story

Okay, so Toy Story isn’t TECHNICALLY a Christmas film, but it fits in with Christmas perfectly, and it features a Christmas right at the end.

Why is this so great a film? Because it’s every child’s dream! We all wanted our toys to come to life and play with us, didn’t we? We made our toys into these living beings in our minds and by giving them names and acting out with them and playing with them, they became living things to us. Only now, we have a film to make our kids want all that without the hours of gameplay.

But no, it’s all about friendship and friendship at Christmas is especially important.

3 – Home Alone

So, despite it’s overly religious nature and the fact that only the last half hour is worth watching, Home Alone makes the number 3 spot. John Candy and mindless violence make the hour or so of waiting so much more worthwhile and to me, seeing Joe Pesci get hit in the head with a shovel is pretty amazing… What more can I say?

Oh, yeah, it teaches us the value of family, so, you know… Good job.

2 – Die Hard

Alan Rickman’s first film, Die Hard, takes place at Christmas, and to me, that qualifies it to be on this list. It’s got action, swearing, great acting, a fake German and it can’t be spoilt by younger audiences talking over the great lines like “Yipee-kay-ay Motherfucker” and “Now I know what a TV dinner feels like!”. See! Classic lines. My ultimate favourite though, is “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”

So, Die Hard. Action film, comedy scenes and shit-tonnes of swearing and violence. I’t s my second favourite Christmas film.

1 – Elf

Will Ferrel and Zoeey Deschanel star in this comedy great, and best Christmas of all time, and do a great job at it. She’s the sexy love interest and he’s the comedy fool. What more can you need to make a Christmas film great? Well, he’s one of Santa’s elves, sort of, and his dad’s on the Naughty List. Throw in some personality changing scenes, a tonne of belief in Christmas and everything you need is there in the palm of your hand.

It’ll have you laughing, crying, grimacing and wanting to watch it all over again. It’s one for all the family, and should be one that everyone watches when it gets to this time of year.

As always, comment and share your opinions on the list. I value every opinion, etc etc, Merry Christmas all round.

That Guy

4 thoughts on “That Guy’s Top 5 Christmas Films

  1. YOU-MISSED-THE-MUPPET’S!!! For that, you get vampire face:
    \ b [>
    / p [>

    ….also, hope you had a merry Christmas….


      1. With the family, had a big Turkey and enjoyed many movies and presents 🙂
        thanks for asking 🙂


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