Happy New Year!

So, no 7-post, 6 hour count-down from That Guy this year – just the one post being released at exactly midnight, GMT, within SECONDS of 2013 beginning. This year, just a simple message from me, on behalf of the team, to let you know how we feel and pass on the odd tid-bit of wisdom from my own intellectual bosom!

So, what message could I have from the rest of the team then? Well, I don’t, truth be told. I didn’t bother to get one from them. Odds are that they’ll be making their own comments on this particular post, and I know I’ll encourage them to. However, from me, That Guy, I have a message to every single one of our readers, written in words that have been carefully chosen and were done in one sitting, whilst Skyping, so may not make a lot of sense. Here goes, anyway:

“Sometimes, life can be pretty shit, but so long as you have a source of enjoyment, of pleasure, be it writing, the satisfaction that someone, somewhere, is reading what you write, or the company of friends, family and other loved ones, the solitude you find at the bottom of a bottle, or the end of a cigarette, or in the pants of some pretty little thing or in the simulated gore of computerized villains or some other source of comfort, then comfort will always be found, whoever you are, wherever you go and whatever you do.”

Now, to some, that quote will drag on, and, honestly, I’m not entirely happy with it myself, but to some, the lucky few, it will inspire them, make them smile or simply make them think. Whatever it did for you, please, let me know, because knowing that you read it… That will do something for me. Oh, and share those words of wisdom with others. That’s bring a smile to my face, if it got quoted back to me, face to face, by someone I know won’t have read this. That’d be very nice.

But no, now its time for my message to you, about you, as my parting words, the words that shall have TGTRS eternally leave 2012, the words which we’ll be using to remember that 2012 happened, that we survived it and, that though we may cast our minds back into it’s traversed depths, we shall never return completely.

“2012 was a remarkable year. A lot happened, wherever you are. We had the Olympics, the Jubilee, war, poverty, violence, peace, the “apocalypse”, economic recovery and ruin, new films, old films, new films impersonating old films, crappy music and great music, good days and bad days, our highs and our lows, our ones to remember, and the ones we drink to forget… Yes. We all survived 2012 and 2012 survived us, and you know what? I couldn’t have survived 2012 without a few special people. You. Every single one of you readers, although probably didn’t realise, helped to make 2012 worthwhile for me. 2012 could have been the year that killed me, but you made it the year that showed me what I love, and what I need. You made it the year that made me, and I thank you for it. I owe you more than I can ever give, and, well…I hope this thank you will suffice. I’ll understand if it doesn’t.”

Whilst I’m doing thank you’s, I’d like to thank my fellow writers of 2012, who I cannot be bothered to list,  but a special thank you to Benny and That Other Guy, who stuck with me when everyone else left, who I hope will stay with me for many more months to come, and who I look forward to reviewing 2013 with.

I’d also like to thank my family and friends for supporting me during 2012, as well as thanking my beautiful girlfriend, to whom I owe a great deal. She made me smile, when I thought everyone else had it in for me. She made me smile when I couldn’t help but frown, and she continues to do so as 2012 fades away. Thank you darling. Thank you for being the most remarkable person I know, and being the one I can turn to, no matter what. I love you. I love you so very much and I hope you always know that.

So, that’s 2012 for you. Done and dusted. We did it. We made it through another year. This is to 2012… “Yippeeeeee!” and here’s to 2013! CHEERS!

That Guy

PS. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, whether you’re at home with family and friends, or out on the town. Stay safe, stay happy and most of all, try not to get too hungover to read. Nighty Night!

Boo…. OK here’s the deal, That Guy doesn’t know I’ve added this after his new year message. He may realize before posting, but then again he may not, and in that case, surprise….

Anyway, this is That Other Guy saying a very happy New Year to you all! I’ll be spending the hours away in the local nightclub….working, but i hope you’r New Years are a little more hassle free than mine.

My year, well it’s seen highs and lows, as i’m sure you’r years have. A big shout out from me to all the guys and girls at JMR Global as well as to all my college friends who i expect to see on my Birthday on Wednesday, and a great big bear hug to all you readers out there for making me feel like the world really cares, because it’s you, you bright, witty and open minded lot who read our posts who make expressing our most precious of thoughts, aka: our honest opinions worth while. We trust you with them, and you never disappoint, so thank you.

I do not have a quote for you. I try and rely on the strength of my own words, but i can’t really think of any pearls of wisdom, or any witty jokes, so i shall simply say, i wish you all the best for 2013. Let’s make it a year to remember…. I doubt we’ll top this jubalympic one…. but we can sure try!

That Other Guy

PS: Seriously though, don’t get too drunk….

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