New Theme!

As you may have noticed, unless this is your first time here, we’ve changed our theme. Yep. We thought “Piano Black” was becoming a bit old, so Benny and I had a look at some and decided to choose our new theme, “Parament”, and customised it to make it darker. At one point, we had a very dark shade of grey (like, the 48th shade or something), and Benny said “It’s too light. We need a darker grey.” I promise you. It’s true.

So, anywho, here’s our new theme. Explore it – test it, check it out, piss on it, I dunno… Just, whatever you do, don’t forget to share your opinions if you have one, either positive or negative. Any opinions accepted and wanted.

That Guy

2 thoughts on “New Theme!

  1. I like it, except for the almost orange tab headings, but that would be my fault as i missed the meetings, so it’s only fair i put up with them. Otherwise, great choice.


    1. Danke shen. It was impromptu actually. Benny came on skype just as I decided to have a quick look through them. I’m going to look into changing the orange to a more meaningful red or blue.


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