That Other Guys opinion on… The 1% cap on in work tax credits and benefits

Hi everyone. Now that the hectic mess of the Christmas period is over and we’re all settling back into our usual routines, so it seems have the political parties. For those of you living under “the rock”, so to speak, the parties have picked up right where they left off-arguing, but this time it’s about something that decision will echo through the halls of Government from now right up to the next election. Why, because its the Government playing party politics with benefits and that’s always a touchy subject.

Now, the plan is simple. Benefits have been rising in value at the same rate as inflation to ensure the moneys worth, aka: it’s buying power, is not diminished, and that means this year it was forecast to rise another 2.1%. Only, there’s this huge financial hole that needs filling in, and so the the coalition have decided to fill it by capping the rise in “In work benefits and tax credits”, and also some out of work ones as well, to help fill this hole with 1.1% saved from that.

Cameron and Cleggy are happy with this, or at least Cameron is and he’s probably told Cleggy not to say anything, but Ed Miliband is not. He says this is a stivers tax, aka: it will hit those who strive to be in employment the most, because there work will remain low paid and the true value of there benefits will decrease.

This has become a party political matter because both sides want to win this debate. If Labour win, they will accuse the Conservatives of being classic out of touch rich boys and girls, and if the Conservatives win that will prove Labour is an irresponsible party with no firm grasp on the countries economy or how to deal with the deficit.

I just finished watching Prim-ministers question time and i can tell you, he beat Red Ed down on this issue. I thought his arguments on the cap were solid and that Ed’s well put questions on the cap were almost just backhanded to him.

Where do i fall on this issue. I am actually claiming the in work benefit of Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) and i will see the value of that money decrease. Because of this, i can see Ed’s argument quite clearly, but as Mr. Cameron put it, if not for this cap, where else would Labour find this money? Ed had no answer for that, and to that end, i support the Mr. Cameron’s position.

But what’s you’r opinion?…..

That Other Guy

3 thoughts on “That Other Guys opinion on… The 1% cap on in work tax credits and benefits

  1. I wish that politics was not pretty much run by the people who won’t struggle with finding money, ever, and that they weren’t pally with all the other people in the country who will never struggle to find money. It means that they have no real sense of how to manage money properly. I have said it before, and I will say it again – they can’t keep hitting the poor. It’s reverse Robin Hood and no matter what they say, there is no chance in hell this is going to work properly.

    Take the money from those that have it – people that only miss it because it’s a status symbol and makes them “untouchable”, and stop fucking around when it comes to the corporation tax. I only need to mention Google, Starbucks and Amazon and here we have 3 large sums of money which, whilst not the big fix, is a big help to setting a precedent for a running start.

    I think the saddest thing is, not a single party in the UK would agree to such legislation, and even if they did, it would be beat down by everyone else, who, may I remind you, is friends with the people it will affect. Think of it this way. You can save your town from a massive fire, but to do so, you need to kill your neighbour’s, kid’s puppy, whilst they watch, then put up with them insisting you move out afterwards. That’s the way you save the economy. Irritate the people who have a real say in whether you can keep in power afterwards.

    I keep saying it, but I wish I was in power. It’s not like I’m calling for revolution or anything, but whatever happened to Magna Carta, and when will the government actually realise that the people really should have the power. Look at Iceland. Iceland was the first real country to get out of recession properly, and it did so by fucking over the bankers and politicians and other wealthy people who got them into the mess. Stop protecting the ogres that steal our children, MPs. Start throwing them on the fire with the rest of the bastards that screw our lives up for us.


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