Under the Willow Tree

Another poem by me….

A place, not really to be merry,
but to be me.
Unjudged, under the Willow tree.

Safe under natures changing vale of green
a shaded, quiet and tepid spot. It was serene
and in this small unspoiled space i felt free.
I could sit and dream for hours, under the Willow tree

The battles and wars of the world were blurred
as this unspoiled spot remained undisturbed.
This, natures neutral zone made of her cruel sweet harmony;
no chaos ensued, under the Willow tree

Hidden from prying eyes
meant that here i didn’t need to wear my disguise.
Here i went unnoticed and unseen.
Solitude…Under the Willow tree

A place like this is peace of mind.
A place you can relax and unwind.
When the world won’t leave you be
I hope you can find solace, under you’r Willow tree.

Benjamin Gwinnett

Aka: That Other Guy


2 thoughts on “Under the Willow Tree

  1. Thank you for the like starscraper99. I must say i L.O.V.E. your blog and have subscribed to it, as a show of my love. I hope your poet side and mine may have a long and fun future commenting on and liking each others work.


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