That Other Guys opinion on…. Sexual equality in gameing

Well, this isn’t something new, and it isn’t a current headline, but it is an ongoing news issue, so i thought it deserved the “Opinion on…” category. My view on sexual equality in gaming is that the gaming industry is male orientated and that we still have a long way to go. We’ve had the stereotypical “girl games” for too long, like cooking mamaSuper Princess Peach and the iconic Mrs Pacman which is only on this list because Pacman was the original attempt at a unisex game which Mrs Pacman only went and ruined.

Only, recently, i have come to feel things have been getting better. Now, i’m not saying where there yet… no where close. There planning the release of a new Tomb Raider and as long as Laura Croft is still used as a sex symbol in this type of game, we are defiantly not seeing sexual equality. The same was seen in the recent Lolly-pop Chainsaw, a very good game, but they overplayed the stereotypical sex crazed stupid cheerleader angle far too much.

Anyway, back to things getting better. In advertising I’ve seen it’s shown girls gaming a lot more. One particular showed a girl who was selecting to play Halo on her laptop. Another thing is the representation of girls in games. I know what i just said about Laura Croft, but characters like Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City and Helena Harper in Resident Evil 6 are what i feel are good playable characters for girls. Yes, there both in games aimed at guy’s, one in Batman and the other in an Apocalypse horror game, but there strong, independent, intelligent women capable of handling difficult situations, making tough choices and accepting responsibility for there actions. They don’t overuse there femininity, or act sexually to gain what they want. I know i may be a guy, but in my opinion, these are good female role models in games.

The gaming industry is starting to change it’s ways. FPS’s are still pretty much testosterone orientated, except for Portal and Portal 2 which not only is a series of very funny games to be enjoyed by all but all so feature a female silent protagonist and a female villainous robot, which makes for some very funny bitchy moments.Still, RPG’s are see a refit this year (apparently) to become more sexually equal and appealing to girls.

Still this is only my opinion. What do you think?…

That Other Guy

6 thoughts on “That Other Guys opinion on…. Sexual equality in gameing

  1. I like the fact that you promote women friendly gaming/games/game releases, etc, yet, when discussing the ONLY game with entirely female characters (not including those weird lesbian sex games you find on sex-game websites (yes, they do exist)), you say it leads to “very funny bitchy moments”. Although I agree, that they are funny, and are bitchy on GLaDOS’ side of the “conversation”, describing it as such won’t win you many points on the Feminism ladder, my friend…

    Besides, what’s wrong with Lara Croft? She’s designed to be a sex-symbol. She’s not bad – she’s drawn that way. It’s a selling point these days. Why did people play the later Mass Effect games? Sex scenes. Heavy Rain? Stripper. Most gamers are heterosexual males that have difficulty getting girls. It’s sad, but it’s true. Heck, 7 months ago, that’d have applied to me. Gaming every night with my online buddies, then spending the night tossing off to some poor lass trying to make a wage with porn. Reading this, you may be the exception. “How dare he call me a loser that plays games for the titties”. Well, the fact you referred to them as titties, means I’m probably right, or you can’t spell breasts. Or bresticles. Hmmm… Breasticles.

    I’m a porn addict. Even now, 6 months into a happy and stable relationship, I look at WAY too much porn. Why? Habit. I like seeing nudity. Will I stop – I’m trying to. Does that mean that Lollipop Chainsaw, with the “hot cheerleader murderous rampage shit”, as one friend described it to me, is on my list of games to play and review? Yes. Yes it is. Why? Murderous cheerleader titties. True story.

    Now, I’m sure you probably all hate me for this, but I’m telling the honest truth. In the media, you appeal to the highest common denominator. Heterosexual males are that denominator and breasts draw them in. It’s how they sell games. Gun and tits. Sometimes, guns with tits, tits with guns and guns firing tits and tits that secrete guns and this sounds like a bad porno, so I’m gonna stop.

    Yay for titties.

    That Guy


  2. Sorry for anyone who was offended by That Guy’s response. He is addicted to porn and we are all trying to help him, but he does bring up the point i expected him to which was the marketing demographic point. I was fully expecting this argument… I didn’t think he would dress it in so much trash about tits, but he did, and here’s my response:

    Yes Jay, your right. Most gamer’s are teen boys who have to settle for CGI tits because they either
    1) Can’t get real tits
    2) Have not discovered or have regular access to porn
    3) Are Japanese and/or into CGI tits

    BUT…. that doesn’t give the gaming industry an excuses to ignore the minorities. For example, if your into Bollywood, there are some very good Bollywood style games. If your steam punk, all i need say is dishonored, and if your Japanese or into Japanese games then your set for life, period.

    But i believe girls are very ignored by this industry, simply because the companies argue there isn’t a lot of money to be made there. I say bullshit. The gaming industry is one of the modern ages most grossing industries. They are really flourishing in Britain and America despite our debt crisis’s. They have the resources to make a loss or two on some decent games aimed at the female sex.

    And as for me losing points with the feminists of the world, i just want to say i speak my mind, which is something, in my experience, girls respect and many of my friends, in fact i dare say the majority of my friends have been girls or women, so i have a great respect for them.


    1. We’re here because we speak our mind – I never want to try to take that from you, whatever I may say in ill-thought out comments. However, I maintain, that’s the argument used, and it’s a valid argument from where I stand. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just that they have a very strong point.


      1. Ohh, i understand that the point stands, as i typed at the start of the comment (those words you love to read) “yes Jay, your right.”. It goes against all natural business ideals to lose money over something, even if doing so may be in the best, or in this case fairer, interest.

        I’m just saying, despite my entrepreneurial thoughts, that when your out to get money so badly that you don’t mind hurting, offending or ignoring people, just for money…..

        That is business today. I know, i’ve been a part if it but i still think it’s wrong.


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