Apollo 13

Apollo 13, the film directed by Ron Howard to make a visual monument to the Apollo 13 lunar mission, which narrowly escaped complete and utter disaster. It was NASA’s much needed public-interest story, and inspiration for about the same number of conspiracy theories as the Apollo 11 mission (the event, not the film). What can I say bout this film? Carry on reading to find out.

Now, first off, the film was BASED on the event, not a direct representation of it. From what I’ve seen and read, it’s not far off, but still… It’s not quite right, so I won’t comment too much. Artistic license and all that shizzle.

First off, the plot. Being based on real events, I can’t really criticise the plot fairly. It’s a gripping tale, which happened to be based on a gripping tale. It has a happy ending, much like the story it was based on, which had a happy ending. They jumped through hoops. I can’t judge them for that. Not fairly.

I can, however, criticise, or rather, critique, the effects used to demonstrate the event. The space stuff was pretty good, and chances are they used real recordings of lunar take-offs for the take-off scene, so that was neat. I just read that they didn’t. They used original footage. That means they probably faked it. Just means the quality of their fakery was fantastic. Think they can do me a driver’s license?


I like most of the acting. Tom Hanks is pretty good, as is Bill Paxton and Gary Sinise (?), but to be honest, I found Kevin Bacon to be lacking. Sure, I’m not a fan, and I’m told he CAN act, but something about his face and deep stare makes me might just make it as a murderer or something. Just saying. We’ve all seen the look on his face when he stirs an oxygen tank. He could do it again you know… Only properly this time… He could kill us all…

So, the acting wore on my a bit, but other than that, it’s a solid film. Great effects, great plot, alright sub-plots, clever filming procedures, the touch of authenticity in the real weightlessness scenes, Tom Hanks not being shot at or persecuted in any way and just the feel-good ending you’d expect from a film with an “everyone survives” ending.

That said, less Bacon might actually improve something here. Swap Sinise and Bacon over. That’d be nice. Bacon may solve EVERYTHING, but not here. Sorry Kev. You weren’t cut out for this role. Stick to stupidly risking your life with heart-stopping./starting films. You know… Flatliners?


That Guy

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