New Domain Name

Welcome to my domain, reader. Welcome to the domain of the reviewers, also know as That Guy That Reviews Stuff. Kneel before the almighty reviewing team and worship our godly passing’s of judgement…

Don’t judge. I did a better job of telling you than Benny would have… He’d have said, I quote:

“We have a website. We are your gods, now hand over all your firstborns”

See. I told you I was better.

Anywho, the whole point of this post is to tell you that we have now changed our domain. Wooooo! Instead of being , we are now , which is a lot easier to say and type. Maybe now, you can all share us with your friends, instead of being selfish and keeping us all to yourself. Yeah. Just saying.

Spread the word! We are TGTRS, and we’re here to stay!

That Guy

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