The adventures of Tintin: The Mystery of the Unicorn

I have been watching a lot of movies recently. It’s how i pass my time over the Christmas period, when a lot of new movies emerge. To this extent, i have not been reading over the past few, months in fact; preferring instead to spend my time watching said movies and browsing the annuls of Youtube. I am now back to reading but i will need time, as always to actually read the books so in the mean time, enjoy my other posts. 

Tintin is yet another victim of the Disney  Pixar and dreamworks upheaval of old movie and animated adventure franchises, that has been remastered with modern graphics, CGI (so in essence, new makeup and a lot of airbrushing) and pushed back out there. I enjoy the way this is being done and the movies that have come of it: Snow white and the Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton’s) and i can’t wait for the next one, Oz: The great and powerful, but i don’t like what the company’s are actually doing. They are digging up ‘oldies-but-goldies’, reanimating the corps, dressing it in a nice new frock and throwing into the public eye knowing it’ll receive tremendous applause because it did the first time, and so as long as they don’t make the new invent of the old movie any worse than the old one, which seems impossible to me, they have a dead certain hit. I can’t complain with the results, or the money they are racking in because of this scheme but to me the whole thing is just the companies admitting that there out of ideas, so there stealing there own old ideas for a quick profit while they try and think of something. The whole thing just became so popular that they are now pretending this was the plan all along and it’s not only dishonest but it screams of no imagination!

Sorry, bit of a rant there…. anyway, back to Tintin. This was beautifully redone. I loved every pixel of it! The story is all so entirely original but in keeping with the spirit of the old adventures. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of danger that Tintin gets into because how many other childhood hero’s in animated movies get shot at by sub-machine guns. My point exactly….

This movie is fun for all the family. I mean it, the mystery of the unicorn is explained enough for a child to understand, but in itself, not simple or easy. The comedy is funny no matter what age you are, there’s sarcasm, slapstick, one liners and even one dark joke, if you listen for it.

But above all else: The chase scene
This has been compared to the quality and pure legendary Indiana Jones chase scenes, and when i found this out i was quite nervous at the point when it commenced, as i was unsure if it would stand up to that sort of comparison; so i was pleasantly put at ease when it delivered. The chase scene is funny, dangerous, involves a falcon, a RPG fired the wrong way, flooding a whole city; guns, a bike that falls apart, intricate CGI work and even has the indescribable ‘it’ that is the key to making this chase one of the most entertaining i have ever watched in a movie, animated or otherwise.

The story is classic Tintin, the plot twist’s right through the film. It even ends on a cliff hanger, all major classic Tintin moments. The characters are lovable, the adversary is hate-able and most incredibly, the whole thing is believable (for an animated movie). I won’t spoil anything else for you, i guarantee if you decide to watch/buy this you won’t be disappointed.


That Other Guy

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