Tea vs Coffee

It all started earlier today, with a debate my sister was having with her friend on facebook, about which was better, a cup of tea, or a cup of coffee…. I thought to myself, what an interesting topic of debate. So i thought i would share this rather humorous and popular comparison with you…

Lets begin at the beginning; it’s only logical. Tea began it’s life as a leaf grown in the West Indies. It’s tasty brewing properties were discovered by landowners who smelled the tea aroma from the fields, as the leaves baked in the hot sun, and soon discovered the tea leaf mixed with boiling water was a refreshing and tasty drink. Next thing tea knows, it’s being harvested in huge quantities by slaves and being shipped all around the British empire, and later America for extortionate prices as a delicacy for the rich and well placed members of society to enjoy. It was later followed by sugar, and we all know how popular that became…

Coffee on the other hand began it’s life in beans on a tree in Africa, only discovered when goat herders noticed that there goats were up the trees eating the beans and then went a little hyper. Again, the sun took part in the discovery as it baked the beans, giving off the rich coffee aroma, giving the farmers in Africa the same idea as those in the West Indies. It’s popularity shoots off and next thing coffee knows, it’s being mass produced and sold all over the world by the East India Trading Company under…. you guessed it, the British Empire.

So really, these two drinks may have began life in two separate forms, on two separate continents, but ignoring these origins, they stories are almost identical. So neither is better than the other simply by past fame or heritage, therefor, this first point is a draw

Tea 1 Coffee 1

So now we must look to there growth and how they played a part in History.

Tea here rather falls down quite a dark and dismal hole. You see tea, as i mentioned before, was farmed by slaves and it’s profits went towards the British empire to fund more slave boats to bring more slaves to the tea fields thus more tea could be harvested, sold and more profit, out of slavery, would be made. So in essence, tea funded slavery in the West Indies.

On the other hand, coffee was quite a tool in history. Coffee was mass produced and sold all over the world… so it wasn’t long before the world got hooked. Sales in Coffee just kept going up. The coffee industry was a huge boom and the every country enjoyed the drink so much, they started making there own versions, like Italy made espresso and Cappuccino. But coffee was all so related to a lot of other things in history. Here in England, there was a time, i can’t remember exactly when, coffee shops were outlawed because people were saying bad things about the king at the time, and they were sharing there ideas for revolution in coffee houses.

So one drink has quite a shameful past and the other one riddled with power, influence and popularity, so here, it’s only fair to reward a point to Coffee.

Tea 1  Coffee 2

But what about what there like today. Well, tea is still, pretty much exactly the same as it was over 100 years ago on those plantations. It’s tea leaves in boiling water. Yes, many countries all around the world have made many different types of tea, over 700 in fact and each and every one taste’s different; but the truth of the matter is, they are all still just tea.

Now, I’ve got to bring this up, and feel free to dispute the matter in the comments bellow. Britain makes the best tea, there i typed it. Is it true, without trying every other countries brews, i won’t know for sure but this is a very well known and rather undisputed claim. Is that exclusivity of a good cuppa a good or bad thing…. i think bad, because i like tea. I think tea is a good drink and not being able to share our quality tea with the rest of the world is a little selfish. Now if there was a specific recipe for the best cup of tea and it was British, i would argue differently, but the truth is there isn’t so it should be something we can share.

Completely the opposite, Coffee basically has been and always will be a world wide phenomena. It is in the top 5 most valued commodities on the Earth; remembering that’s alongside things like fuel and diamond, that’s very impressive for hot beverage. Is it really that addictive, well apparently so. Coffee has only ever gone from strength to strength, so another point coffee.

Tea 1  Coffee 3

So with lead of two points, Coffee has already won, which kind of makes this last part pointless but i’ll do it anyway. Which do i prefer?…

Well, coffee comes in so many forms and in so many sizes and shapes of cups, which make coffee fun and enjoyable. The variety coffee offers far outweighs tea’s tea bag or leaf filter and coffee gives me great energy and focus. Many of my reviews have been powered by coffee; but not this one. This one was powered by tea, and i reward tea my point, because i think tea has a smoother and more agreeable taste. I have to make an effort to drink coffee, but tea just seems to run down my throat effortlessly. I get more enjoyment out of drinking coffee, but tea calms me down, make me mellow, tells me to chill out, and go’s great with toast.

So final score: Tea 2  Coffee 3

I hereby announce Coffee the winner…. but what do you think?

That Other Guy


6 thoughts on “Tea vs Coffee

  1. I must say, my opinion depends on my mood. If I fancy a treat, tea all the way – a nice hot strong sweet tea. However, if I’m just after a hot drink, Coffee is the way to go. We used to get the Sainsburies own bags of coffee and it tasted all wheatbix-y and I love it. One hell of a drink for one hell of a desire to be up all night.


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