That Guy’s Opinions On… Cyprus, Savings Theft And How It Will Affect The World

Well, hopefully by now you’ll have read That Other Guy’s post on this, but if not, I recommend that you read what he put either before you carry on, or when you finish reading this. You know, as a way of comparing us. Also, before I start, I am anxious about Europe, but I’m aware of both sides of the coin when it comes to being in the EU. As such, I suggest we stay until we’re too fucked to justify staying any longer. That said, let’s look at Cyprus.

I’ve not had an extensive look at what is going on in Cyprus, and to be honest, I’m not about to go onto the BBC News website and find out, because, A) I know the salient points, and B) I’m tired and want this done tonight.

From what I’ve seen, what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna start taking money out of people’s personal savings, which should never, in a billion years, no matter what sort of financial crisis anyone is in, be taken from. They are, effectively, stealing from the pockets of those who had the fore-thought to save money for a rainy day, instead of throwing it into the hands of those that didn’t need it, or should never have got it. They were clever and did something responsible, and now they’re being punished.

Does anyone remember when all that pension money went missing and EVERYONE got all pissy about it, because it was money that had been saved for retirement? Well, to me, this is pretty much as bad. Understand why? Good. I don’t need to explain it.

What I think a lot of people are failing to realise is this – if it can happen in Cyprus, with EU acceptance, it can happen anywhere in the EU. Just so you know, that would be in 27 (soon to be 29) countries, each facing extreme economic problems (such as Ireland, Spain, Italy, etc) including right here in the UK. Now, if you’re in the USA, why complain, right? It’s all the EU. No problems. WRONG.

Where does a lot of the USA trade come from? Europe has a fair hand in it. Not a majority, but a big enough dent, that anything major happening in Europe would screw the US over. That’s how all this got started. American banks, affected every other bank in the world, near enough. Iceland was badly hit. They recovered, everywhere else is recovering much more slowly.

And like I say, if Cyprus can do it, what stops everywhere else from doing it? In theory, every country in the world has a motive to get out of this by fucking over their own people. It’s not the first time it’s happened, and it certainly won’t be the last.

What I’m trying to say, is that if this actually goes ahead, if people actually start having their savings taken by the government, one of a few things will happen:

1 – The banks will quickly collapse as everyone rushes to get their money out before they can have their bank accounts stolen from,

2 – Riots occur because a large number of people are sick of being bent over the barrel for money, by their government,

3 – It all goes smoothly and nothing horrible happens, a la that dream you had with all the bunny rabbits.

What sounds more likely to you? I’m sort of hoping for number 1, but only because saying number 2 will get me arrested. Now, think about that when you sleep tonight.

That Guy

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