That Other Guys opinions on… Cyprus, Savings Theft And How It Will Effect The World

This is my second post that i’ve done that i didn’t particularly feel up to doing/wanted to do. I don’t not want to do it, or i wouldn’t be typing it now, but this is not the post for opinions on… of recent times that i would have chosen, and i may be doing another one soon on the Budget; but first….

Now, I’ve only been keeping up to date with this story recently on one news channel. Judge me how you will but, it hasn’t really caught my interest. Still, whats going on is a recent major problem for a crippled EU to deal with….

What really did stun me, as it seems to have the rest of the EU, is Cyprus’s governments plan to tax there people’s savings. Savings they have locked away (i hesitate to say safely since the Banking crisis) for a rainy day. Savings they have earn’t, after tax…. money that it rightfully there’s. I believe (feel free to disagree) that that money should not be threatened, even in the best national interest. They may call it a tax, but a tax from a secure bank or savings account is in my mind stealing.

Plus, that is such a bad precedent to set for the future people of Cyprus. In a time of Global recession, they will oppose this, maybe even riot, and there children will grow up thinking there government is a thieving corrupt group of millionaires. Now i know that’s what many of us think about our governments, but at least our governments try to hide the fact there like this… Cyprus’s are practically putting there nature as a giant neon logo for the whole world to see; and where not happy.

Quite Honestly, i saw this coming. During the Greece crisis, i knew, like ripples across the Med, it would hit Cyprus. I said so, and now it’s happened, i sit here rather smugly wearing one of those smiles that makes you want to punch me, but i didn’t realize the global repercussions.

The EU is crumbling and this is another sever blow to it’s infer-structure. None of our member countries have the funds available to spare for Cyprus’s use that will make a real difference. Even working together we can’t seem to find enough. Each country argues it’s giving so little because there country needs so much, and some countries are hesitant to give anything at all. Cyprus, single island-ly, could show every political and finical weakness in the EU, how crumbing the euro-zone actually is and how hopeless it all seems.

Just to give you some perspective, i’m a British citizen who is anti Europe.

That Other Guy

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