Writer’s Wanted

Hi there,

It’s no secret that TGTRS is a three-man-band at the moment, and together, we’re working at the rough speed of… well, of one man. We want this to change though, by recruiting a few writers to our cause. We haven’t decided how many we’ll be selecting, but we have agreed on a way of selecting the successful candidates (because we need to have SOME standards).

Now, as always, step one is to contact us, preferably by email, at thatguythatreviewsstuff@hotmail.co.uk , telling us that you wish to write with us.

Step two now consists of you writing one test-review to us, of a topic made up of everyone’s choosing (you pick from a list we’ve compiled), which we will read and score out of 10. Anyone who reaches a total score of 21/30, or higher, will be given a short, but essential interview, which we intend to hold over Skype. Candidates achieving less that 21/30 will need to re-apply.

Step three, the interview, will consist of our writing team asking a few questions, maybe 10-15 in total, which will help us decide whether or not to take you on board.

Finally, with a successful interview, will come the choosing of your main field of review (although, you will be allowed to review whatever you want), with the requirement of submitting all your reviews to your department head for analysis and suggestions.

Unfortunately, since none of us are getting paid for writing these, we will be unable to provide a wage for any successful applicants, but we all recommend joining a reviewing blog, such as ours, if you have the urge to write regularly, or do so as a hobby.

So, until you apply, we hope you enjoy reading our reviews, and we can’t wait to read your posts either.

That Guy


That Other Guy

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