My chosen Super power: Invisibility

I mean it, Oz review is coming…. I’m just wanted to type this one instead. Haven’t you always wanted to be a super hero…. I mean doing good, saving the girl, locking up the bad guy for another day, facing court summons for criminal damage from epic fights, living with peoples anger or fear at what you are capable off and always being expected to save the day for no reward or any promise of zero persecution. If you haven’t, i don’t blame you. Here’s what i thought:

Quite a thoughtful start, ah. Did i actually get you thinking about all the bad sides of being a super hero. It’s not all girls and capes, it’s a hard job that your expected NEVER to fail at and, as seen in many comics such as X-men, you can still be feared for doing the right thing. It really doesn’t inspire a passion to do any of it; not in me anyway.

So, my answer, have the power, don’t be a hero. Hide away from the public eye, and that’s why invisibility is the best power. You are literally, hiding from the attention of people who would have you become a hero or condemn you for being different. You can use your power to get away, escape and be free. You can do good deeds if you wish, and no one will ever know it was you, or if your good, that you were even there at all.

You can do all the good deeds if you want, and no one need know what you even look like. Your build, height, weight, eye color, fingerprints- all of it! As for saving the day, that’s up to you, and as for getting the girl….

Now, i’m sorry girls for this, but every horny school boy who has ever though about what he would do when he’s invisible…. well, it involves the locker/changing rooms. Now i’m certain these thoughts have gone the other way when girls are thinking about what they would do, but i’m also certain very few girls have thought about it. How am i certain, you may ask…. how do i know this? Well, i am Bi and so have many female friends who feel a little more at ease to divulge stuff to me. I don’t know why because most girls only do that with other girls or gay bff’s, but obviously my friends weren’t regular.

Any-who, this is m favorite super power. It’s my super power of choice and that’s because my whole schooling life due to ritual bullying, i use to wish myself away. I always wanted to hide or not been seen. Years of practice at this combined with the anti-social symptoms of Aspergers led to me being very good at it. So good in fact that by the time i got to college i almost couldn’t help not being seen to the point where i would say something to my friends, and they would then immediately proceed to look around at the fact they hadn’t even noticed i was there.

Basically, i enjoyed sneaking up on my friends and it got to the point where if i didn’t want to be seen, i wasn’t seen. I was practically invisible, to my mind the only thing i couldn’t do was physically turn invisible. I was already so good at it, it wouldn’t have been that much of a leap.

So that’s why it’s my favorite super power of choice. The ability to hide from friends, foes, lawsuits and responsibility. When i think about it, the power of invisibility allows for so many possibilities. I don’t think i should get it though because i would over use it, there’s a good chance i will use it for evil and, well…. Changing rooms. I’m only human; unfortunately.

But what would i score invisibility, on a scale compared to other super powers. Well how about this:


Why? Simple, there are some downsides to being invisible. Mainly, if you ever decided you wanted any credit, you have to give yourself away losing the whole advantage of being invisible from a social and legal point of view. What’s the point of that?

If you want me to review any other Super powers, plop them in the comments – just down there 🙂

That Other Guy

9 thoughts on “My chosen Super power: Invisibility

  1. gpicone, that must be a record for the fastest like. Nice stuff my man, thanks for reading 🙂

    Any super powers you want reviewed?


    1. WOW guys and girls….. Seriously WOW! I’m feel’in the love right now….
      So, thanking all of you, all 6 of you for liking this little piece of mine….
      1) gpicone – look up 🙂
      2) Matt George – Hi eleven! 😛
      3) Valeriu – Thanks for reading 🙂
      4) Matt Gajdos – A-MA-ZING Gavatar pic, love the beard! 😀
      5) Everabi – Cyber Hug!
      6) Dave Hunter – You deserve a slice of cyber pie! <:)

      Seriously, thank you all! XD


    1. Personally, I would go with regeneration. I know, it’s a sanity-destroying one, but given my lack of sanity at the moment, I’m happy to risk it. I want to live forever and see the whole world, both now, and when it’s all over. I want to meet so many people, to live to see my descendants grow up and to witness art in all it’s splendor, from now until eternity. Wouldn’t that be cool?

      Bet it’s tough keeping up with the times though.


      1. Thanks for the Like Benny 😀

        TG, do you realize…. If you like this post right now…..

        …..It would become….



  2. Thank you That Guy, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


    Written by me, That Other Guy. I thank you all 😀


    1. Derrick Brewer…. Your name is now imprinted in tgtrs history. I think you may have just made this post unbeatable. So…. Endless thanks. If i could, i would write it on the moon!


      Once again, thank you all! Who knew so many people wanted to disappear 😀


    1. I thought shape-shifting only changed the persons shape, not give them there attributes as well. In any case, another like for this truly remarkable amount of popularity so thank you…

      I really struck a cord with this one 🙂


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