R.I.P Margaret Thatcher

Do i need say more. Fond farewell to the lady in the blue dress, the iron lady of British politics. So influential, so strong, a fierce leader, an incredible icon. Controversial and legendary. The first and so far only female British prim-minister. A grocers daughter with a dream, a young successful politician. Then the leader of the Conservative party, three times elected prim-minister and an amazing idealist.

She molded Britain to her image, led us to victory in the Falklands, strengthened our ties with America, improved trade aboard, bought about the up-rise of the free market and made us a recognized and respected power again, not just in Europe but by the whole world. She gained the respect of almost all other governments and nations she visited and had a profound effect on those around her with her tireless work ethic and her unstoppable devotion to her image of how the country should be.

She will always be considered controversial. Loved by some, hated by others, but all in all, she will always hold a place in the history books as the woman who changed Britain!

Rest in peace…

9 thoughts on “R.I.P Margaret Thatcher

  1. I WOULD have written the obituary post, but, as always, my dedication to work and family have kept me from my computer for far too long to be pf any use. Still, I find That Other Guy’s write-up to be satisfactory. I would still like to say what I would have said though, and will do so here.

    I have never made it much of a secret that I despise the Conservative Party and, as probably the single most recognizable icon of that party, Margaret Thatcher was one of those I had a particular level of detest for. Context out of the way, let me now say how I feel about her death.

    There are those who welcome it, and those who curse it. There are those who wish they could have prevented it, and those who wish they could have helped it along. I am none of these. I am not the public man recorded by the BBC saying she should have died sooner or “good riddance” or whatever it was, but I am also not the man who said it was a shame she has departed us. I am the middle man – the man who sees both sides of what she did, of who she was and what she stood for, and wish to remain impartial to it.

    In life, I would have criticized her. I would. I honestly would. I would have made jokes and mocked her until I turned as blue in the face as her famous clothing. But she is not alive. She has died, and although I still do not like her, I will not fault her for standing up for what she believed in, even if I thought it was wrong.

    She was a brave woman, who fought against adversity to become the first female prime-minister, who led the fight to win the Falklands, who refused to accept that she was wrong, and who has changed the world in more ways than most people can possibly comprehend. With minimal effort, you could blame her for a large number of the problems the average person faces today, as well as a number of other things, but a lot of people can also thank her for just as many things she did in her life, as well as her time in office.

    She was a woman who knew what she wanted and would fight tooth and nail to get it, no matter what the final consequence was. I wish to remind you, that I did not like Maggie, I do not like Maggie and I doubt I ever will like Maggie, but I will also say this. She did what she thought was right, and in all honesty, would anyone else do any better?

    That Guy

    PS. And I find it DISGRACEFUL that David Cameron doesn’t even understand the meaning of the term peacetime. He referred to her as a peacetime prime-minister as though it were correct, and as if he didn’t consider the Falklands to be a war. It was a war, even if it was short-lived. Can someone please educate the moron on basic English before he does some damage to a situation which actually matters.


  2. She is a peacetime Prime Minister, either because she was elected during peace or because the Falklands conflict didn’t extend over the whole of her 3 terms. Either way, she is considered a peacetime leader


      1. Jordan, seriously, listen :L I agree, it’s weird that she should be refered to as a peacetime leader when she invaded the Falklands but everyone refers to her as a peacetime leader. The definition of peacetime leader presumably only includes a leader whose term is completely dominated by a war where fighting is actually involved.


      2. Then the definition is wrong, and should be amended. That’s my opinion. Stop knocking it.


  3. I apologies to That Guy for writing this memorial instead of him. I completely overstepped the boundaries of my department and for that i’m sorry. I don’t think i went to far as deputy head writer though to ensure news of such importance was posted asap…. but the apology still stands.

    The reason i did it (excluding the urgency to report such news) was because i know you, and many others don’t like/hate Margaret Thatcher and although i know you would be respectful, i also know many people really didn’t like her and you may be pressured to represent that. I, on the other hand do care for our readership and there opinions, like you, but i feel it is more important to follow the decorum for the deceased, including “Don’t speak ill of the dead”. So, out of respect to the lady herself, not her government, policies or controversies, i focused on the successes of her life in the memorial, so that she may rest in peace.

    I’ll review fairly her politics and government after her burial later today.


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