Happy Second Birthday!

Good evening readers, and welcome to a 2-year-old site. From the second this post goes live, we’ve been up and running for two whole years, to the minute. To me, that’s an achievement. We’ve had our ups and downs, and, to be honest, we’re at a down, but we’re still going, and we’ll keep going til we end up despising it, or dying. I think the latter.

We’ve reviewed all sorts over the last 12 months, but since this is an on the spot post, written at 3 AM, I haven’t done any research for this. I just know that over the months, we’ve been a bit liberal with the term review. We’ve even decided not to bother calling them that sometimes. Merely just pieces of opinion.

But that’s what we do. We voice opinion. And we’ll keep doing it, at least until next year.

So, a thank you to all our fans, followers, supporters, contributors and readers over the last year, plus a plea that you all stay with us past this low point in our writing careers.

Thank you all!

That Guy

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