Hey guys!!! :D

Hey guy’s, it’s That Other Guy, remember me….. sure you do….. no, really?….. haha 😛

But seriously, I’m BACK!!!!!

So, why have i been away. Well, I’ve been trying to find a job, which I’ve recently had some success with and I’ve been raising money for charity. No, joke, that’s really why I’ve been away!

So, why am i “BACK!!!!!”…..?

Well, i promised my family, who only ever want the best for me, that i would priorities job seeking over all else, unfortunately that included you lot. I’m not gonna get all mushy, but after my last break over Christmas, i really didn’t want to leave, but there you go…. It happened. Now i’m having a break through in the job market and, well, i’ll see where that goes.

As for raising money for charity, i am still doing that. My chosen Charity is called Restless Development. There a international charity that fund local projects in areas of poverty in third world countries.


I am raising money for them because i care for the world and the people who inhabit it, and if i raise my target amount, i get to travel aboard to one of there bases and do three month’s charity work, helping to make a real difference.

If you would like to donate to such a charity, or would like to help me raise my target to volunteer aboard, then please donate whatever you can at this website: http://www.justgiving.com/Benjamin-Gwinnett1
Thank you.

As for reviews, as long as this job opportunity doesn’t fall through (fingers crossed) expect many! 😀

That Other Guy

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