Twitter Review

Twitter… I’m new to it and as those of you who frequent our facebook page may have noticed, i posted, not long ago actually, the question: “Is it polite to follow a follower, or not necessary?” Why would i ask this question, because genuinely, i don’t know. The niceties of social networking are a source of amusement and bewilderment for me.

I am not naturally a social animal. My Aspergers has seen to that very well, but over time as I’ve matured, i have learn’t how to make friends and be nice, yada yada yada….. But i still have no natural need or want to stay in touch with my friends. I don’t like myself for it, but i’m not gonna pretend for niceties sake, i just don’t feel a need to stay in touch. So why do i have Facebook?


No, really, why do i have facebook? I got it originally out of peer pressure in year 11, and out of a sense that i would actually miss the people from secondary school. The same people who bullied me and made my life a misery, yada yada yada…. Anyway, i got it once in my first year of college, and still have it, though my posts are usually weeks, if not months apart. I don’t chat anyone, and i don’t even browse the funny pics anymore, so i am seriously considering stopping; but it is free.

Now when i first heard of Twitter, i thought it was simply facebook on Atkins. They had trimmed the fat of posts, making them tweets (140 Characters long) and they had removed the ability to chat or look at funny pics all together. As a protest to the lack of funny pics, i made my profile photo a funny pic; very Joker meets Star Wars….

Still, i joined and i must admit  although i will continue to use it, i don’t get it. Is this just a voyeur spy tool to use against our favorite celebrities, peeking into there private lives in a new and exciting way? It’s all so the fact you follow people….. Are my favorite celebs raising an army? Are they testing peoples loyalty? This could go to there heads…..

Not to mention the fact that you can’t even have a decent convocation with anyone on it, because of the weight watchers 140 callor- i mean, character diet! This defeats it’s purpose as a SOCIAL network, leaving it the one simple job of being a celebrity propaganda site; almost unashamedly so!

I don’t understand it, i don’t think it’s stands up to Facebook, Bebo or even the My space of old! It’s just a silly celebrity alter where you can get the juicy celebrity gossip of the day, right from the mouth of there PR teams. This idea makes me smile, and even lol a little, but, hey, you lovely lot do what you want (FOLLOW ME) and follow who you want (ME) and if you want to continue using this site, i won’t even dream of stopping you (FOLLOW ME). You’ll just have to put up with it in 20 years time when the clebritys of the age are waging war useing there followers on Twitter as there own private army and i’m there telling you all “I told you so.” (and leading my troops to victory…. FOLLOW ME)


That Other Guy

3 thoughts on “Twitter Review

  1. How are we meant to follow you if you haven’t said what your twitter name is? 😉
    I agree with one point you said – you don’t understand twitter. If you did, you’d realise there is so much more to it than a celebrity propaganda site. But I don’t think you’re alone in that, a lot of people don’t understand twitter because they expect it to be like Facebook – it isn’t and it serves a totally different purpose to Facebook.
    I’ve made some great friends through twitter, by finding people with common interests. You can still post funny pictures, and there are loads of profiles other than those of celebrities that are there for entertainment, with jokes, facts etc and parody accounts which are amusing.
    Now I might be a bit obsessed, but I follow over 700 people, have 466 followers and have tweeted nearly 23,000 times (Yeahh maybe that’s a bit sad..).
    @maddinaish 🙂


    1. Sorry about missing my name out, it’s: @tgtrsTOG

      You are obviously a Twitter fan and i love that as such, you have responded to my post! You’r the first in….. well, a long time, so thank you for that 🙂
      I didn’t realize Twitter was different from facebook, and i’m still getting the hang of it. I have noticed the parody sites you mentioned and they did make me giggle, so i’ll probably follow some off them, and i’ll get That Guy to point out to me where the funny pics are.

      As for making friends on Twitter, how’d you get past the 140 character limit problem?…

      Anyway, i’m a follower of you as of right….. Now! 😀

      Have a wonderful day,

      That Other Guy


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