Scrabble Review

Now i am a big gamer, not just of the computer and console kind, but also of arcade,  board and even table top. So, today, as i was tweeting and thinking what to review, i spied from the corner of my eye, Scrabble. So here goes:

I don’t know what the game does for you, but for me it brings back very fond memories of quality time spent with my mother. When we are alone in the house and there’s nothing to watch on T.V., occasionally, we’ll whip the scrabble board out, discard the points system and play for fun. We could pass hours, and often did, playing this unique game.

But enough about me, the game itself….

The game i feel is quite an ambitious game as it dares you to look your own language vocabulary right in the eye and dares you to brush the dust off your dictionary. This game, it has to be said, is not a game for people who swear or use slang for every other word. This is a game for verbose and emphatically literate people. It’s especially a game for Lexiophiles.

Now, i don’t know about you, but my average score is 98….Don’t judge me; i can’t spell very well. An unfortunate affliction of dyslexia. Still, i find the game fun and enjoyable because it makes you think. Other games make you think, but often of answers to topical questions or strategy’s that offer victory. Scrabble makes you think about something that should be first nature to you; the use of your very own language.

Now obviously, there are those of you out there who are going to put the word “duck” or “and” in and make everyone else sigh for the lack of options you’ve presented. I don’t judge you; i was one of you in my early teens. There is also always that smart older sibling or cocky parent or friend who is going to put in a word like “egregious” or “Xylophone” and you are going to either envy, admire or dislike them for it. That always seems to be the way it is, and i like it. Mixes things up, because if all the players were off a similarly low level, they the game would be difficult for it and boring.

On the other hand, if your all of a similarly superior level, then the game opens up and becomes interesting the watch. It, like other games, is a joy to watch when played by extraordinarily good players. Here is a news report on the Gulf scrabble companionship of 2012:

It’s worth all so looking at a few games online, there are some amazing players out there.

As for the board, i think the score squares are distributed evenly and fairly and that there are enough of each. The fact they reach out to each corner and edge of the board, encouraging the players to stretch out there words is a great design. Me, if i want to extend a word, i normally add an “s” on the end.

The game is not complicated in it’s design or it’s rules, at least until you get to which two letter words you can use. It challenges you to think smarter or admit that you need practice in your own language. It’s such a plain game, that you as the player really add the fun to it in the words you choose and your explanations of why. The board and tiles is just a tool to help you achieve what fun you and your opponents could be having. That’s why it’s such a great game.


That Other Guy


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