Why i like Catwoman

Well, the results are view-able…. it was 2 for Catwoman and 2 for Freeze and none for Poison Ivy, so she carries through to next week’s vote. As for this draw scenario i have, it falls to me to decide the review and although i voted for Mr. Freeze on the poll, making it three votes, i do not count my own vote and ladies first, so, following the sirens theme of last week i give you, why i like Catwoman:

What interests me with Catwoman is what her character has become. It’s the fact that she isn’t really a villain as she doesn’t go out of her way to cause people pain, suffering or kill them. Being as her specialty is burglary, it’s quite the opposite as she tries to attract as little attention as possible and only wishes to cause specific loss to people so she can gain.

As for the fact that she does kill, she doesn’t ever show any enjoyment from it…. It’s more that she doesn’t really have a great respect for life’s…. you know, having nine of them an’ all. Plus, how do you expect to get along being left alone or respected by the scum of Gotham underworld if you don’t kill? Catwoman can’t exactly mingle with the boys in blue so she has to do some villainous things so the others won’t think she’s weak. 

Catwoman is a complex girl. She should be as she’s been around long enough. Her first appearance as The Cat was in Batman 1 (1940), the very first Batman comic! She’s as old as Batman and the Joker…. She is Batman’s first feme fatal. She began her life as a criminal both intimidating and interesting the batman with her womanly wiles. Her character was already set from the word go, as batman let her go and equally, she was portrayed as villainous competition for Joker. So, she was already not a heroin, but all so not a feme fatal but just a girl trying to get by….. as a cat burglar. 

The writers that created her first origin story told that she became Catwoman after hitting her head in a plane crash which she survived as a stewardess. Only, later writers in 1950 decided this was too ordinary a story. They wanted to experiment with her good side after in Batman 62 (her origin story comic) when she saved Batman from death by taking him hostage proved very popular. She reformed for two comics, and then went back to her old ways, as a heroin and hero combination was proving unpopular.

Now, i think that was a shame. If she had stayed by Batman’s side, we could have had a very dynamic duo. She is just as dark as Batman is, with an alter ego and as skilled, smart and named after an animal! It was a match made in DC heaven! Only, it was too far before it’s time. People in 1950 were still very sexist and thought an intelligent, complex and deep female heroin was something people wouldn’t buy, and obviously, for the dismal two comics the idea ran for, they were right.

Anyway, later on in 1950, the Batman comic team got into trouble for Catwoman because she was in violation of the new Comic’s Code Authority, which was basically set up by a bunch of worried parents who didn’t want there sweet and innocent little kids brains filled with violence, gore and smut. Catwoman was in violation because she was too sexy and used too many innuendos. This caused her 16 year long disappearance from the face of the comic, except in the terrible batman T.V. show, till 1966!

Then the silver age of Batman, aka the 1970’s came and here origin got mixed up when the comic, in my opinion got all weird, with alternate earths and stories, ect…. So, i’m gonna skip that bit because she gets  a complete make-over anyway in 1987.

The story that the comic went with is that Selina is a prostitute… That would have definitely been in violation of the 1950 rules! She does it to get by for her former boyfriend, come pimp. Anyway, she wants to break away having witnessed her pimp’s crimes and taking in upon herself to protect a young girl, Holly Robinson, she takes self defense lessons. Her teacher encourages her to become more than she is, and when she quits and takes Holly with her, she becomes desperate for money and gets lead into burglary. She dawns her cat suit so she isn’t recognized and she enjoys it so much, she decides to become a Cat-burglar, only in a Robin Hood kind of way.

In 1989, there is a Catwoman comic limited series released including a comic called “Her sisters keeper” which expands on references in her 1987 origin story to her pimp abducting and torturing her sister, who unlike Selina, is a nun. Anyway, she saves her sister by killing her pimp and gets away with it, and this little comic is important because her sister is an abstract reflection of the good, or potential for it in Selina.

Anyway, further back in this origin story, aka: her childhood, is explained later on in the 80’s. Her mother preferred to spend her time with cats rather than Selina and her sister, and committed suicide when they were both still young. There alcoholic farther resented them for reminding him of there mother and he drank himself to death. From there, then went to a orphanage where they were split up because Maggie (Selina’s sister) was adopted and Selina wasn’t. She was sent to Juvenile hall were she toughened up and realized how cruel life can be, the administrator trying to drown her in a bag for instance.

Later, after she escapes juvenile, she is taught how to steal by mama Fortuna, but she treats her like a slave, so she runs away from her too, and has trouble surviving, do turns to prostitution. From here she burgles and humps here life away, and meets Stan, who becomes her ex boyfriend  and pimp. So there you have it, her depressing life story.

Now Catwoman, the probably less complex and interesting of the two, in the 80’s has the hots for Batman and thinks she may be a Falcony. There is never any substantial or conclusive evidence that she is a Falcony, but her and Batman have fun flirting until finally, Selina makes one advance too many and is refused twice, once as Selina by Bruce and then again as Catwoman by Batman. This upsets her so much she leaves!

She goes on Holiday to Rome to try and track down her non-exsistant Falcony heritage and all so try’s it o again with Batman while on Holiday, being refused twice more. When they next meet up years later, Bruce said there is no longer any relationship between him and Selina Kyle. 

In 1993, Catwoman is given it’s own series of comics. A series i unfortunately have not read, and my own knowledge on Catwoman is a little skint from here. Here appearances in the Batman comics from this point are few and far between, but sticking as best i can to what i know, she retains her love for Batman, although rash and unpredictable. She joins the Sirens and you all ready know that bit.

That leaves other medias. In the 1950’s T.V. series, she is presented as no more than a gimmick of a character. Very feminine and doesn’t say much, but more sits in the background mimicking cat like behavior, stating the obvious, cowering at any fight and giving up as soon as she’s caught.

Later in the Brave and the Bold animated series, she all so prefers to run from a fight, but when she does fight, she actually fights. You know what i mean? She’s a little more heroic in the animated series than i would like, but it stays true to her not being an out and out heroin. Selina makes no appearance in Arkham Asylum, which makes sense as she’s too good to get caught and she’s not insane. In Arkham City though, her story line is very fun to play, messing with her toys, like her whip. Although jumping, whipping and climbing buildings is a bit annoying. Check out zero puntations review on the game and i agree with what he says.

She makes a great apperance in Dark Knight rises which i loved and know i’m running out of time in which to write this review. It’s already a day late and i don’t want it any later so i’m sorry for cutting it off so close to the end. I’ll explain why tomorrow evening. Till then…

Catwoman= 8/10

That Other Guy  



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