New Time Table

Hey readers. I am so sorry for my inconsistencies in writing, but i have some good news; for me…. I got a job 🙂

I am now an apprentice chef. Have been since Tuesday of last week and so far, i love it, but the hours are long. They are perfect for me as the job pays well enough for me to get by and it’s split shifts with a few hours in the afternoon down the middle, giving me time to come home and study. I will all so be getting a industry qualification for hospitality and catering at the end of this, and being payed to do it as well, learning a trade that’s always in demand….. It’s a good job.

Unfortunately, i did let it get in the way of my writing a bit. I can review again now as i have a job, as per the agreement with myself but it has been hard work. I was going to post the last bat-post on Friday night, but i ended up putting up a gazebo for a wedding, and then i wrote it on Saturday and ran out of time because my second shift was going to start.

Only, i have organised myself this week, now the shock of going from doing almost nothing to working very hard has passed (a bit) i have a timetable for you readers that will hopefully be permanent, but as you know, this is only a hobby for me, so please respect that my job and study must come first:

Monday: Bat-Review

Wednesday: Bat post vote for next Monday

Friday: Movie or Music review

Saturday: Music or Movie review (whichever i didn’t do on Saturday)

Sunday: Game Review

This is what i offer you now ever week. Obviously, we held no vote last week for a Bat-post so i can’t do one this Monday, so my next review for you lovley people is the Bat-post vote on Wednesday. Till then:)

That Other Guy

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